October 4, 2023
6 ways to help you manage your time effectively

6 ways to help you manage your time effectively

Everyone’s time is the same 24 hours a day, but many people tend to say “I don’t have time.” This is partly due to wrong time management.

thus making life busy and not working as efficiently as it should

Here are 6 ways to help you manage your time properly. More time in life and make life easier as well

1• Wake up early

Of course, when we wake up in the morning We will have more time to work than others. More time to plan life

But how early will you wake up? It depends on the management of each person. But you have to consider it in relation to your own work, whether it’s eating breakfast, commuting to work comfortably. or exercise, etc.

2• Schedule

Think about what you will be doing in one day. and write activities into each moment

by organizing an event that requires creativity in the morning and put the other work in the afternoon. It will help you manage stories more easily.

It also ensures that you don’t miss any important tasks, similar to setting up a school schedule when you were young.

3• Arrange in order of importance

When you have a to-do list on hand What to do next is to arrange them in descending order of importance.

And is there any work that needs to be done continuously? To let yourself know how much time each task takes. and how much effort should be devoted to each piece of work

4• Divide work time and personal time.

Here are some tips to help you manage your work and personal matters better. when you arrive at work Just use your concentration to focus on your work alone. Eliminate all other thoughts.

And should only talk on the personal phone that is necessary. Conversely, when at home, do not take work back. unless absolutely necessary to spend as much time with family as possible

5• Manage difficult tasks first.

Many people tend to handle simple tasks. to finish first before working because simple tasks usually take less time And it doesn’t take much thought.

But in reality, you should be able to clean up. to finish first Because after the job is over, you will feel relaxed, at ease, giving you the energy to continue doing other tasks.

6• Find some time to rest.

Taking breaks is one of the secrets to effective time management. Because working continuously for a long time will cause the brain and eyes to feel fatigued.

Therefore, you should find time for your body and your brain to rest or take your eyes off the computer screen. 5 – 10 minutes each time to stimulate the mind

and strength to feel refreshed Always ready to deal with new tasks. But taking breaks shouldn’t be done often. or stay too long because it may waste time working for a reason

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