October 4, 2023
7 ideas for cash on delivery

7 ideas for cash on delivery

1. Store before use, it has an advantage over the others.

Salary 15,000 Set aside 1,500 (10% of salary), then how much money is left? Less debt and fixed expenses (Fixed Cost) each month such as house rent, telephone bills, and then the remainder is for daily expenses. This method may sound a bit harsh, but believe me. We will have fixed savings every month. At least I get 1,500 baht per month, after a year, I get 18,000 baht.

2. Open a fixed deposit account

Fixed Deposit means having to deposit equal amounts of money every month for a specified period of time. and this amount cannot be withdrawn before the deadline. The term of fixed deposit is either short term 3 months – 1 year and long term 2-3 years. I recommend you to try saving money this way. both get savings Get a return on interest They also practiced more self-discipline as well.

3. Automatic Debit

Setting up automatic debits is a disciplinary aid. allow us to pay for various services accurately and on time such as mortgage payments, telephone bills, and fixed deposit payments which we can pay for various services on time In addition to not being charged late payment fees It also helps to strengthen credit and credibility for ourselves as well.

4. There is a piece of coin to drop the jar.

Find a cute piggy bank. Let’s get some inspiration Keep checking our wallets. Do you have any coins? If there is, don’t hesitate. Hurry up to drop our cookie jars to fill up quickly, or if on any given day if you want to give yourself a bonus You can try adding some coins from scrap to 20 banknotes. When the jar is full, try to unpack it and count it, and accidentally get hundreds more without knowing it!

5. Bank 50 is prohibited.

Bank 50 is quite a rare item because it is less than the number of other banks we use. Should not affect our daily life much, so consider this blue banknote as a prohibited item, meaning “forbidden to use it.” That’s how many leaves are collected. Come to know it again. You can collect almost 1,000 baht. We also have it.

6. How much do you shop? save back only

This is a good way to adjust your own luxury spending habits. “Lend yourself money first and use it” and pay it back later. The principle is the same as borrowing money from a friend. Only this is my own money. If you want to shop a lot, you can shop. But how much do you buy? Write it down and pay it back later. Even if it’s your own money do not bow Make it look like we owe a friend need to hurry back Never procrastinate.

7. The remaining money is equal to the savings.

Suppose at the end of the month we have a balance in the account of 1,530 baht, move this money to a savings account. May be withdrawn into round numbers such as 1,500 baht to save after the new month Salary comes in another 15,000 baht + 30 baht of old things, totaling 15,030 baht to spend in that month. And then we go back to using the technique from number 1 down again, forcing ourselves to spend with the same limit each month. and reduce wasteful spending

Finally, saving money is not difficult, but rather a matter of planning, determination, restraint and self-discipline. I can assure you that if you follow these 7 methods I still have money saved.

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