June 8, 2023
7 habits of smart people. Wherever you go to work, there are only lovers and caring people.

7 habits of smart people. Wherever you go to work, there are only lovers and caring people.

Proper placement in the workplace to be loved of both the boss and co-workers sincerely, without pretending to pretend The more that makes us a person who is more affectionate…

1. Try to solve the problem by yourself first as much as possible.

Because everyone has their own duty to take care of. when we encounter problems before calling for help from others Let us try our best to fix the problem first. And if it really can’t be solved Take the problem and try talking to your boss or co-worker. will make people to help feel our efforts and willing to help solve the problem

2. Be honest with everyone both front and back

“Sincerity” is something that can be experienced. And it’s very powerful to win the hearts of bosses and colleagues. gossip Either outsiders or insiders are things that shouldn’t be done. Be sincere both in front of you and behind your back.

3. Pay attention to “time”

No one likes “people who don’t keep time,” because everyone’s time is precious. Always coming early It’s something that makes a great first impression. Because respect, time also means “honoring” the people we make appointments with.

4. “Listen” more than talk

Many problems at work whether internal politics or partisanship at work comes from Refusing to listen to the opinions of the other party Because each person will always have a reason to think that they are right. Try to open your mind to “listen” and talk openly. It will help the problem to end as easily as possible.

5. Dare to comment

values of old Thai society Raising a hand to express opinions may be difficult, but working in this era People who are “daring to express their opinions Creative” often has the opportunity to grow quickly. because it shows the willingness to work and had a good homework

6. Always ask for advice to improve yourself.

A leader or a skilled worker Most of them have a habit of always giving. and will cherish those who to develop yourself all the time We must show our enthusiasm. Really interested in the job, they will definitely give you good advice.

7. Apologize when you make a mistake. ready to find a solution

Of course, no one is right all the time. Everyone must have their day wrong. If you make a mistake, say “sincere apologies,” but it doesn’t end there. We must also offer a solution to the problem. to show responsibility and make your boss and coworkers see that we are trying our best to solve that problem

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