June 8, 2023
5 Habits That Make “You Look Bad In Other People” Don’t Do It..it’s Not Cool

5 Habits That Make “You Look Bad In Other People” Don’t Do It..it’s Not Cool

There really are many different types of people in our society, including smart people who pretend to be smart, and people who are smart. Some people are well known and acquainted. But some people don’t want to associate with them, and often they don’t even know their personalities. causing the people around him to be bored So these 5 habits you should never do. Because it may cause people at work to look at you as stupid.

1. Think of yourself as better than others. People who like to criticize or criticize others to make themselves look better. because they believed they were superior. and are often the ones who like to judge others first. with bias (self-sentence) as a setting or another angle is Think of pushing other people down. Think of it as making yourself look taller.

2. Show anger and aggression to defuse When you feel that things don’t go as you think Maybe because of the fear of losing face afraid to look unwise They will show signs of anger and aggression in order to cover up. The study of aggressive behavior with IQ levels found that correlated People with lower intelligence levels tended to be more aggressive.

3. They like to put their own faults on others. These people don’t like to take responsibility for what they do and often put the blame on others. The results of a study on the field of science found that When an error occurs, the brain of the wise will react. different because they know every mistake It will be a lesson to be learned in order not to make the same mistake twice. but the unwise will often put the blame on others And did not learn anything from the mistakes that have been made. He continues to make the same mistakes and continually throw the blame on others.

4. Always think you are right in conflict situations These people will argue hard. to make yourself a winner And it doesn’t really matter if there’s someone smarter than yourself in the conversation. Refusing to listen to new knowledge Whoever recommends something like this must be a little troubled. Because these people tend to listen only to their own thoughts. while a wise man understands and is ready to listen and consider all matters. before making a decision or saying anything

5. Stupid people are often selfish. people with high emotional intelligence tend to understand Empathize with others and reach out for help without expecting anything in return. Unlike people with low emotional intelligence, the heads of others are almost invisible. They also see that doing something for someone without getting anything in return is strange.

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