June 8, 2023
why people are successful like to wear old clothes

why people are successful like to wear old clothes

1. Not wasting time without reason

For successful people, they might agree and set a rule that Fashion is acceptable. But the time spent choosing clothes is unacceptable! So it’s not wrong that they didn’t even feel the urge to get up and dress up to compete with anyone. Believe me, every second of their time is worth more than anything in life, crystallizing the clothes they wear and focusing on simplicity. So it saves you time to think about choosing clothes each day. Makes preparing every morning quick, easy, and time for the most important breakfast. It also helps to focus on work doubled.

2. I want to live life as simple as possible.

Celebrities who have been successful in any field There are often things to invite people to have a bad head over their heads than normal people like us. every day already Often they find that despite frequent purchases of clothes But they rarely wear the crowded shirts in their closets. And there’s also a small rebellious idea. that clothes are just one thing that boosts confidence for a while At the same time, if the style is right even a thin t-shirt Basic white shirt simple gray suit which despite how bland it feels But if it can help build confidence during the day, that’s enough. So they don’t waste time choosing clothes. costume Or even paint before leaving the house because I want to make life as easy as possible.

3. Tired of having to make decisions

because every day you have to take care Take responsibility and make many important decisions. There are many mandated teams that need consulting. until making me feel bored in simple things It may be that they are happy with not having to make decisions outside of their job duties, not having to worry about what to wear tomorrow, because they want to spend time to think about what they are going to do. instead of being helpful

4. Want to create a personal identity

No one ever said that dressing up in the same outfit over and over again. Is it wrong or looks bad, why don’t you try to find your own outfit that will help you find out through the character? and create it into a unique identity We believe that celebrities may be thinking about it at some point, and if so, it could be that they want to create a signature or identity. Maybe the simple clothes with a minimalist aura that we see as familiar as a gray t-shirt. white shirt black turtleneck or even that gray suit It’s been hard to think that that’s their true style. which clearly reflects the importance of being important only at the first sight

5. Perfection that saves pocket money

Among other things, the dangers of celebrities that you may not have known are They are secretly perfectionists who are incomparable, probably that they already know what to wear each day. Knowing how to look good in an outfit and feeling confident in it, it’s hard and there’s no reason for him to dress differently. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of money to buy The clothes were only worn a few times. Then forget about it like nothing happened Accidentally wearing the same old clothes The same pattern makes buying clothes easier. Because you can buy a single brand during sales, you can also save money in your pocket and can organize your wardrobe more easily as well.

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