June 8, 2023
what kind of lover are you You can see from the color you like.

what kind of lover are you You can see from the color you like.

What color do you see your love for?

I believe that many of you would have learned about the mood of color. that which color conveys what kind of feeling But since February is the month of love Today VP will take everyone to delve into the topic of love and relationships in particular. Ask yourself if you are in love What color would you choose for your love? If you can choose, let’s take a look at how the color of love you choose indicates what kind of lover you are.

White – You are a Disney princess in the 80’s. You are a conservative lover. You look for the perfect love You want a handsome prince who has passed all of your checklists. perfection is rare You might be wasting too much time running after your ideal love. White love requires a lot of sanity. stay true to the truth Because the need for a perfect relationship Makes you a very difficult lover.

black – You are a lover who is always ready to develop himself, curious, ready to learn. You have all the qualities of a hind leg because you like someone who is better than you in one way or another. be a good listener and ready to follow the people you love all the time You always rely on your partner to make decisions. You like to prank your partner, tease, tease, not because you’re playful. But you’re just afraid that your partner will get tired of you and the relationship. Be confident in yourself you are cute

Red – You are an innate romantic lover. You understand your partner’s needs very well. But your fire of love will go out too soon In the first moments of your relationship, you’ll be filled with warmth, excitement, and excitement, that’s just because you have a strong desire to win. It’s called diffusion promotion. But as soon as the promotion ends, when the love lights go out, all you have left in your relationship will be ashes. You need to have a little more patience and patience. If you don’t want to break someone’s heart

pink – You are the ultimate lover! you have empathy know how to serve can listen and give advice to loved ones Be a good leader and follower in relationships. They also know to give their loved ones freedom to spend their time doing their own thing. But the fear of pink lovers is that you have a very good memory. both the good and the bad of lovers you will never forget You will only give your partner a chance to make one mistake. If the same mistake is made twice You can slaughter someone you used to love in cold blood.

green – You are a steadfast, honest and consistent lover. Not all of your relationships are superficial. you look to the future and being part of each other’s lives You are a solid pillar in a relationship. and a good partner for lovers Your love life will be simple, not flashy, boring, nothing new. But you’re yours you are a boring lover But it’s boring next to your boyfriend and you’re not going anywhere.

light blue – you are very greedy fussy like a child cute but vice versa Blue lovers are jealous. like to show ownership Like physical warmth, like to hug, kiss because the blue lover is an open lover. and like to be important need attention all the time Sounds like a spoiled person. But what blue lovers need is emotional stability. If you have a girlfriend, then you want to feel that you have. So we have to keep telling each other that we love each other, hugging, and kissing each other often. Who likes naughty girlfriends? I can’t fall in love with the blue lover.

yellow – You are a lively, cheerful, energetic lover. When you have a boyfriend, you will not be next to the house right away. People who love yellow will like to drag their girlfriend to travel. Honestly, you don’t like to hang out. You like to show off. You believe your relationship will only survive if someone appreciates it. That your partner is cute, a good fit, and what you hate the most is being betrayed by your partner in public. That makes you a very strict person with your partner. A little lighter would be fine. Be careful, your lover can’t stand the pressure.

Brown – You are a lover who understands the world very well. because through a lot of experience You have learned a lot from your mistakes and disappointments. Brown lovers will never allow themselves to be in a relationship if they are unprepared and unstable. because you believe that if you have a boyfriend your boyfriend must be comfortable You have to take good care of your loved ones. Another thing that brown lovers will offer to their partner from comfort and wealth is respect. Brown lovers are highly mature. and like to have their own partner take part in decision making

purple – Congratulations, you are the symbol of loneliness! Many people see purple as the color of nobility, mystery, and attractiveness. In fact, purple lovers are people who are unwilling to open up. and believes that only oneself can truly make himself happy You are a person who does not like to adjust or change yourself to anyone. Your personal world is worth more than any asset. If you have a lover, you have to be someone who understands. And don’t think of changing anything in you. The more we live in different countries, the better. will not interfere with each other’s lives

I hope this article will help friends to understand their nature as a lover more or less. Understand yourself better and try to understand people next to each other too, friends.

I wish you all a happy month of love.

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