June 8, 2023
“High salary job” or “dream job”, which one should I choose? (very good idea)

“High salary job” or “dream job”, which one should I choose? (very good idea)

Many people have asked me Between the work that you love, but the income is low With work that has to make a living (boring, stressful, lacking freedom, problems, problems), which way should we choose? in fact This question I’ve always asked myself. In many life struggles And the answers in each section are often not the same. Until many years later I have discovered the truth from the lessons of the past. that made me find only one answer That’s choosing a job you love. I mainly choose a job that I like personally. Emphasize the freedom to spend time with the people I love and have to take care of. even though the income is not very high

Well, what if it’s not enough to eat?

It took me years to figure out this problem, and the real answer was simple (although many would argue. But I will confirm it.) The answer is that it’s just enough to pay for your status and income. If you are wealthy and earn a lot, you will live a lavish life, I think that’s right. But if the income is not good and the status is not good, we should live our lives accordingly. it’s just that because of the problem of insufficient income Almost all of them came from us spending too much!!! overspending overspending then have to borrow debts to help The income is still negative every month. Eventually, it will continue to cover its tail. Then come back to make us financially stuck and turn to aggravate with interest. until the income and expenditures were not rotated in time I’ve been through all this. I understand deeply and I honestly said I never blame anyone Whether it’s sacred, government, employer, or bad economy. Because even if everything is good But spending more money than many people do today. In the end, such an end must come. It’s just different from riding a rocket or riding a bike. Today, I look deeply into the real need. is to spread what you really want how much is enough In summary I want thousand baht per day if so Going to mess around with the fibers, selling coffee, selling salads, being a flea market trader, as a means of making it earn thousands a day, it shouldn’t be difficult. As for the face that is a shell to show off, I don’t care, so I’ve come so far that I can’t find my way back. What if we don’t like this kind of work? Or if it’s not good, what should I do? For others, I cannot reciprocate. Because everyone’s perspective on life is different. Obligations and responsibilities are not the same for each person. But I just want to tell you as a guideline. To take the way I use, I do not reserve the right I’m a simple, easy-going person. And it’s easy to get bored. and also seriously devoted to everything And finally, I still accept the fact that you can change in any condition, not attached, so if you set clear goals that we like. may be low income at first But with that it gives us more freedom. More time to spend with the people we love. Have time to take care of family members when they are sick and feel comfortable. These things will drive us to work hard to maintain this life style. became more serious and more attentive to the job Make the development work more, make our work come out well. In the end, it may be better than forcing a job that you don’t like but earn a lot of money.

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