June 8, 2023
5 techniques for living life “Not to be in debt” with savings (most people tend to overlook)

5 techniques for living life “Not to be in debt” with savings (most people tend to overlook)

“Money” is considered to help in life. And it’s the dream of many people, but how to make the money we earn stay with us for a long time?

So that we do not have to be in debt, today there are “5 ideas for using money to avoid debt and have money to collect” to recommend to each other. So let’s go and see.

1. Don’t imitate others.

– I can’t deny that We all have a desire to have a desire to imitate others. by imitating famous celebrities such as Use expensive brands, eat expensive food, dress elegantly. Travel abroad and many more, but even then, what we should not forget is “Our financial position” as well. Can you spend that much money? If it doesn’t work, it shouldn’t be borrowed to meet the needs in this section. Because it will create problems for us never end for sure. Therefore, we should always keep in mind the truth of ourselves and if we want to be wealthy and have access to it. should know how to save and not overspending satisfied with what we have Don’t let the desires hurt us.

2. Set goals and make a clear financial plan.

– Goals are things that represent what the outcome we want to be. as well as using our money If we have goals and good financial planning It makes it possible to see how much we should spend and save money. without affecting our life and can continue to be extended in our future The goals and financial plans are clear. making people successful for a long time

3. Discipline is an important thing that must always be there.

– Discipline is It’s important to point out that we are in debt. or have money to spend Because after having goals and a plan, this “discipline” is what will lead us to reach our desired goals. For example: Aim to save 5,000 per month for 10 months to bring the money to travel abroad. But we lack discipline, not collecting all the money as planned, some lack, some do not collect It is like this every month until 10 months are complete, it would be difficult for us to reach the goal. But on the contrary, if we have discipline and can do as planned in full. When it’s due, we’ll definitely reach our goal.

4. Stop wasting money with emotions. But spend it worth it.

– This is probably what many of you used to be, especially girls who tend to use shopping as a way to vent their emotions and reduce stress, which is what will make it easier to not have money. because the use of emotions to judge without thinking well may be able to make an unforgettable expenditure Until sometimes I accidentally swiped my credit card until the debt grew up. Instead of relaxing, the pressure becomes more of a problem for yourself. Therefore, before spending every time should think carefully every time to make the most of our spending every time.

5. Invest when studying until you can take risks

– Nowadays, investing is not difficult anymore because our world is narrower with various technologies that allow news to be communicated quickly. And with the convenience and speed that makes investment opportunities open up, giving many people the opportunity to try investing in the business. or various businesses which some have been successful some have failed But even then, investing is not a scary thing at all. But we just have to study to know. But it’s not that just having knowledge will suffice. We should always keep in mind that “Investment is risky.” Therefore, in addition to knowledge, We should also study the risks of what we are investing in. And when studying until receiving that risk, then it’s better to gradually invest.

It can be seen that 5 ideas that are brought together that day are very close. and can be extended with other savings tips as well

so that we have money to spend Do not be difficult, do not have to be in debt. I hope it will be useful to my friends.

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