June 8, 2023
Whenever you are discouraged with your life, please think about the 9 teachings of your mother.

Whenever you are discouraged with your life, please think about the 9 teachings of your mother.

1. When exhausted, weak

That’s because you’re not Superman. Children are ordinary people. Like everyone else, you may have some days when you feel weak, discouraged, exhausted, but there are times when you are happy. that the children are okay with the things that they have encountered

2. People who hurt us make us stronger.

Today they may hurt you, but he can make you stronger if you hurt someone who hurt you. Either or yourself, because everything has already happened, look at him as a teacher for us. Without him, your child can’t train himself to be strong.

3. If you are discouraged, you can stop being discouraged.

Everything happens and it disappears. but understand that It can always happen again. We also have to keep telling ourselves that. When the peaches are good, the good cells in them are gone and it doesn’t make anything better. stop that disillusionment and create hope for yourself

4. Pay attention while traveling

Focus on the journey that is not the destination of life. because while traveling we must be happy and enjoy the journey But the fun doesn’t just happen when you arrive at your destination. But it’s in the middle of the way that you walk, what you see How many stories are there? So what do you get from it?

5. Have fun and be happy

Have fun, fall in love This life is too short to worry about the stupid things that come into your life Because everything that the child will pass we don’t have to waste What are you so sorry for and don’t do anything to hurt anyone more. Is there anything that makes you okay in the worst moments, as good as the good memories we have?

6. Don’t stop walking.

Travel through the hardest paths at a slow pace. don’t stop walking Because sometimes the children do something and there is a problem. It’s not what you hoped for. Don’t be discouraged. Keep doing it. Think of it as trying something new. It might be finished late or do not come out well But it’s still better than the kid throwing it in the middle of the road.

7. Accept the challenge. And you’ll feel good when you can do it.

something that comes easily We wouldn’t feel so proud. And if you’re doing something difficult right now, it’s safe to say that the day you succeeded, Your child will really enjoy it. and it will be a matter that makes children smile When you always think of it

8. Sometimes happiness It’s the smile of a child.

When you feel bad Or if you come across a lot of things, head, head, smile, smile at yourself in the mirror. Say to yourself that I’m happy, I’m happy. Do this. It will really help your child feel better. On a discouraged day, don’t think there’s no one left. Mirror and smile. There’s no one left. There’s still us left. myself

9. Want to live a creative life and don’t be afraid.

Because fear is what makes children Don’t dare to go out and do new things. Stop thinking like this. When you want something new or something creative Forget the word fear

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