June 8, 2023
These 6 Habits Don’t Do Because it is the habit of “debt people”

These 6 Habits Don’t Do Because it is the habit of “debt people”

Being in debt, life is stressful, anxious, and many people are unaware that their behavior Spending money lavishly, creating debt, and even adjusting habits It’s hard to spend on your own.

But if we continue to have a habit of overspending, creating debts, it causes financial problems in the long run, so we need to find a solution. To modify the use of money, overcome the habit of debt.

1. have a friend who is extravagant We are with too. We have to be with friends who have good ideas, be creative in working, making money, saving and investing, aiming to build up body because friends have influence. in cultivating financial habits We should sometimes refuse when friends invite us to go out to eat and eat because this becomes a big expense. This will affect the monthly payments as well. and also borrowing money from friends And my friend won’t return it. It makes you worry and think, it’s a bad dream that should be avoided at all. We must first consider that The borrowed money was used to help Is it necessary? No matter how many chances of getting it back, giving that is not in trouble, it will benefit both parties. So think carefully.

2. People who live too luxurious life. People who are not modest. living like this as if that makes life on this pile of debt creates trouble for himself and his family endlessly People who are accustomed to living comfortably It would be difficult to adjust. If necessary, I had to accept it. Be patient to change your lifestyle, reduce comfort, spend less at an appropriate level according to your strength. For example, reduce eating out, buy less expensive clothes. prioritize financial To prepare a reserve for spending on things that are necessary for everyday life. So you can set aside money to spend on what’s needed. including adjusting extravagant behavior to avoid incurring debt

3. Can’t use credit card In fact, credit cards can be used for benefits such as accumulating points in exchange for various discounts. Credit card debt too many card payments Choose credit cards and promotions that are suitable for our spending. Spending through the card is economical. Each card has a discount for various locations, which increases convenience. reduce travel expenses And some transactions are also free of charge. Earn points to choose gifts. It’s important not to spend more than we have. to be within the scope of income And must have good discipline in debt repayment, pay the balance on time every month, financial difficulties from the card are no longer a concern.

4. Childhood needs People who have a difficult problem with money, some of them are caused by childhood experiences. No matter how unsatisfied with anything, it affects the mind. to get out of poverty those past events It can create an impulse to create an infinite number of cravings. to overspend to compensate for the missing parts of childhood In fact, the behavior of spending more than that. It is the cause of debt, which is suffering. Therefore, attitudes need to be changed in order to be satisfied with the present life. To create a feeling of self-worth, focus on uplifting itself is more than an object, so there is no need to spend money to seek jewelry What are you worth to yourself?

5. Spending and not taking notes don’t plan anything I don’t know how much I use. We should keep an income and expense account to avoid using credit cards so that we don’t have to pay a lot of interest. It is very useful and important. because it helps change behavior Balance personal spending, help you know your own spending habits, help you find the weak points of spending money. It is also very useful for people with financial problems. Try to keep a record of every single expenditure on a daily basis. Prepared on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis to determine expenses for Do not exceed your own budget set. This method is very suitable for those who lack discipline.

6. Not saving money We have to save money. allocate money for spending Help to have liquidity and have enough money to use in the future. part of it It is a savings which is money saved for retirement. The other part is for emergency time savings. Reserve money for at least 3-6 months. Finally, it’s savings for investment because it will generate returns. Better than bank deposits. Proper balance of money. help spending plans go smoothly transforming yourself into a new person It’s not difficult anymore, just adjust the habit of spending some excess money and many debts won’t follow. Think twice before shopping Learn the benefits of credit cards. Don’t neglect savings, investments, and debt forgiveness. These will keep you out of trouble and worry, and will also help you save money to support yourself and your old age.

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