June 8, 2023
Salary 9 thousand can survive in 5 ways. What kind of money do you have left to collect?

Salary 9 thousand can survive in 5 ways. What kind of money do you have left to collect?

Reputed to be “salary” is something that comes very quickly. especially with salary man with an income of only 9,000 baht per month, the more we believe

Many people probably have questions in their minds. to the possibility of money 9,000 baht in an era where everything It’s expensive. With this salary, what kind of savings method does he use?

Let me tell you that there really is. Salary 15,000 is not enough. How will 9,000 live? I believe that after We have mentioned the salary of 9,000 baht. Many people who hear this will be very shocked.

So it’s not breaking the labor law, right? Is this salary still available? We can tell you that it still exists. And it’s not breaking any laws. This is because the 15,000 baht salary requirement for fresh graduates

It is only the advice of the government that informs private company operators only. Not enacted as a law, what will the private company operators follow? or not to follow

Will this salary be able to survive? What work alone, only a salary of ten thousand and five Standard salary for fresh graduates also use the month-to-month

Accidentally, some months, the money is not even enough for anyone who is wondering. or have conflicts in mind We told you that can stay And also have money saved.

How to save money for a salary of 9,000 baht? Answers that we have discussed above. It’s not a beautiful word that builds a castle in mid-air.

But it is an answer that has been proven that it can be done. I can tell you that the salary is 9,000 baht. If you want to survive, you must follow this.

1. Accommodation costs Accommodation costs are considered a national issue for all salary workers. But this problem will go away immediately if you stay at home or try to sit side by side. Ask your friend if you’re interested in sharing a room? to save this much but believe me that doing this will help you survive. If you really need to stay at the dormitory, we can tell you that the dormitory fee should not be more than 2,500 baht, but once again, it shouldn’t be more than 2,500 baht, otherwise it’s definitely bad!!

2. Food costs. For stomach problems like food costs, this is another thing that salarymen like. We can’t avoid it as well, especially in an era where the cost of living is against income. Let me tell you that it’s the worst disaster, but we can save those expenses by cooking our own food. Complete and hygienic too!

3. Travel Expenses Arrive at number 3 with travel expenses. No matter who has to face this problem, the reader can fix it by choosing a low-cost transportation system such as a bus. or fix at the root By choosing to work close to home because in addition to not having to pay for travel expenses You don’t even have to wake up in the morning.

4. Personal expenses believe that you Everyone has a passion for everyone. As for the money in this section, it is divided into 1,000 baht. Whoever wants to buy anything, manage and allocate it. We have to know and understand that our salary is not much. Can’t bring salary to smelting or run out of anything nonsense

5. Saving money has arrived at the last point. Let me tell you that this is very important because all my friends really need it. Yes, there must be a way to save money in case of an emergency. For example, medical expenses or unexpected expenses such as house repairs, etc. The amount that we have to save should be at 1,000 baht.

And here are 5 ways to save money designed to Salary man 9,000 baht, although the advice we have mentioned above 5 sounds difficult.

But for a salary of 9,000 baht, if there is discipline in management this money It will allow you to live a life without debt at all.

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