June 8, 2023
Which sport burns the most calories?

Which sport burns the most calories?

Everyone wants to have a good figure and good health. Although diet can help some. However, exercise is still necessary. Knowing this, we better go out and play sports with our friends. Besides being fun, it also burns calories so we can burn calories. But eh… which sport will make us slim better? Let’s take a closer look at how many calories all popular sports burn.

Walking – 200 calories/hr

In the end, people may forget that walking is a good exercise. It is true that walking may not burn as much as other sports, but we may take the opportunity to walk to nearby places to avoid driving. Unnecessarily in order to provide us with the exercise we need each day and save money and time.

Jogging – 500 calories/hr

Jogging is now a sport that everyone is more popular because it’s a sport that is easy to do. You can find a place to jogging anywhere, you can probably find a place to run near your home, ask for a flat floor. Can go for a run, but be careful of the palace where there are some stray dogs because they may be chased and bitten.

Running fast – 800 calories/hr

Running fast can burn a lot of calories, but it’s probably better to find a place that’s safe and not too crowded. Avoid places that are crowded with cars or motorcycles. Public parks near you, or if you’re looking for a chance to run in a big park like Suan Lum, you might meet some new runners.

Hit the battery – 520 calories/hour

Batting is already a popular sport among Thai people. It’s a sport that anyone can play and doesn’t spend a lot of money. Office workers like to invite them to play after work. In addition to having fun, you can also. Sweat and take care of your health as well.

Tennis – 560 calories/hr

Tennis is another popular sport among Thais, but since the tennis court is usually larger in size, you may need to run a bit more than hitting the bat but it will also burn calories. Rei got more.

Climbing – 740 calories/hr

Climbing is a sport that burns more calories than many people think. because in addition to using force It also requires your muscles, which in turn encourages your body to burn even more. Nowadays, many fitness centers have climbing places for you to play. Try playing with your friends.

Golf – 250 cal/hr

Golf may burn less than other sports. Because it focuses on walking and hitting the ball rather than running fast. But it is a sport suitable for adults. Or suitable for young people to invite bosses or customers to play to strengthen relationships.

Bicycle – 750 calories/hr

Cycling is a sport that many people enjoy. Because it is a sport that may help you find new friends to ride in beautiful places. If you are free, try to go cycling at beautiful places in the provinces. In addition to seeing the beautiful view, you will also be able to burn at the same time.

Swimming – 720 calories/hr

Swimming is another sport that burns a lot. Especially if you swim in a row without stopping. Because it is a sport that uses every part of the body. It is also a sport suitable for people with knee problems as it reduces the impact on the knee caused by running.

Kicking a ball – 800 calories/hr

Kicking football is a very burning sport because you have to run all the time. You may find a group of friends to play football after work or after school outside to have fun activities with your friends. And friends will also have good health as well.

Boxing – 640 calories/hr

Boxing is another sport that burns a lot. Because each punch requires more force than many people think. If anyone wants to try boxing but still doesn’t want to go to a boxing camp. Take a look at the various fitness centers that have boxing or body combat activities.

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