June 8, 2023
The idea is very good. “We all have ups and downs.” People who are discouraged want to read.

The idea is very good. “We all have ups and downs.” People who are discouraged want to read.

Some graduated at the age of 22.. but had to wait 2 more years to find a job while some did not graduate but created a life path to be their own boss.

Be a great businessman Successful at the age of 20, but had to experience an accident, ending his life at the age of only 25 years Some people get pregnant before getting married.. while others get married but can’t have children. Some celebrities retire from the entertainment industry at the age of 35.

While some celebrities are born in their 50s, sometimes we see that… Many people around us Some of them stood out before us. Some people succeeded after us. But everyone is running in their own way. race against your own time Don’t compare yourself to anyone until you are discouraged. And don’t underestimate anyone or accidentally insult anyone… He might be working hard on his path.

And we should too. focus on our path Each person’s life has a different time for success.

You just have to wait for the moment to show up. It is like many large and small trees.

Some people are like green beans. Grown as a bean sprout Harvest results quickly sell quickly But it won’t last long Some people are like mangoes. It may take many years to grow and cultivate success, but once it blooms, the hair is lasting and longer. Remember… there is no such thing as failure. Only had to give up and then quit!! Don’t compare our failures with anyone else’s success.

Just some moments in life Don’t think it will always be like this. Every success of everyone… There is always the right moment for it.

I did not dare to rest because I had no savings. I dare not say that I am tired because I have not succeeded.

I don’t dare to be lazy because people who are better than me still try. I can choose to be lazy, but I won’t.
Because even if I choose to be comfortable and lazy to work today, but.. in the future, I will have to work hard anyway.

If you still have to do it. Made it successfully from today. don’t be capricious Must know how to be serious, because life, the more you try, the luckier In this world there is no type of work that is not difficult. There is no place without the hustle and bustle of a person. So… Strength is the only way I choose.

You will never be jealous of someone else’s income or salary. If you know that he trains hard every day and has a hard time almost every night. Than to be at this point and have this much

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