June 4, 2023
10 Things You Should Never Say at Work That Might Make You Look Worse

10 Things You Should Never Say at Work That Might Make You Look Worse

1. “It’s not fair.” Nothing is fair in this world. Saying it is unfair makes us seem to think the world is fair. This will make us seem like people who are weak to the world. Don’t understand how it works. If we don’t want it to look bad, we should focus on the fact or asking why it is. Rather than being emotional or complaining that it’s not fair at all.

2. “Do it like this. It will be done soon.” The world today is a world where everything happens very quickly. What used to work 6 months ago may now be backwards. So don’t try to say, “Do it like this. It’ll be done soon.” Because there might be a new way. more efficient or faster And saying this will make you look like you’re not wearing it and looking lazy.

3. “It might seem like a weird idea, but..” Saying it like that is like creating a safe zone for yourself, and it makes you seem insecure. It will also make the listener feel insecure about the idea. Don’t try to criticize your idea. Or if you’re really not confident in that information? Let’s present that story first. and suggest that more information will be added later

4. “Just a moment and it will be finished” It makes me feel that the job will never be finished. You said only asking for an extension of time. ‘Cause there’s nothing that can be done that quickly (Unless you’re really sure it can be done in 60 seconds.)

5. “That guy is lazy/stupid.” There’s no reason to put a colleague down. because if he is really inefficient Others will already see that point. But if it isn’t It will make yourself look bad in other people’s eyes instead.

6. “It’s Not My Fault” Even You Really Are Not Wrong But saying this is something that shouldn’t be. because in situations where no one knows who is at fault Acting like this is like shrugging off responsibility. And even if it’s not your fault But you should be able to rely on it, right? If you can’t offer helpful comments. It’s not a bad thing to keep quiet. If you keep saying these words, your coworkers will eventually try to avoid working with you. And that’s definitely not a good thing.

7. “It’s out of my scope of work!” It makes you feel like you’re trying to work as little as possible. to receive salary according to the position Which is a bad thing in the long run. However, if you feel uncomfortable in a particular job The best thing is to focus on getting that job done. And talk to the people involved about your scope of work later. This will create mutual understanding between you and your boss.

8. “I can’t do it.” Many times when people hear I can’t, it gives the impression that the speaker doesn’t want to do more, of course it implies that you don’t want to learn, don’t want to progress. even If you really can’t do that job. or lack of certain key skills You should offer a better way to go. Not just denying it, not doing it, not doing it. For example, you might say that You can’t do it graphically. because you have never used any related program etc.

9. “No problem.” When someone asks you to help or do something and you say “no problem,” it is implying that The matter he asks may be your problem. Try saying something like ‘I’m willing to do it’ might be a better option.

10. “I hate this job.” This kind of sentence is a sentence that no one wants to hear, not just the supervisor. but including colleagues You might say it with emotion.

But it’s like putting a label on yourself that you don’t want to work. It’s also hurting the minds of others. More importantly, saying this is like killing your own future. how about

It’s a forbidden word that shouldn’t really be said. Even if you feel that way

In the end, everything depends on the season.

Some sentences besides this It’s also something that shouldn’t be said. You should consider carefully whether what we say is beneficial to yourself or your colleagues or not, because if you say it, it doesn’t benefit you.

There was no reason to say those words either. or if anyone has good advice about talking in the workplace I can recommend it. in order to be useful to others as well.

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