June 8, 2023
Don’t waste your time with people who don’t care about you.. but pay more attention to yourself.

Don’t waste your time with people who don’t care about you.. but pay more attention to yourself.

Don’t waste your time with people who don’t care about you.

Let us learn to say no and say no if we have to go to the event.

Or meeting someone who ultimately doesn’t make our lives better. Because not everyone is worth the time to spend.

– At the age of 20 our world is open to new experiences. We stick to getting to know a lot of people.

– At the age of 30 the world will tell us that A good relationship is rare, so if you find it, it’s not good. You don’t have to waste your time with someone who doesn’t make your life better.

– By the age of 40, you will begin to realize that, in fact, there are only family, loved ones and a few close friends. who are really ready to be by our side Other than that, come in to benefit.

Do not tolerate people who treat you badly. Do not tolerate them for certain reasons such as financial reasons.

or other benefits Do not put up with them for the sake of small conveniences that are of no use.

Take really good care of your health.

In our hearts, it will feel that we are 10-15 years younger than our actual age, while our health is going much faster than we thought. Notice that in your early 20s, you may be sleep deprived for a day or two.

to travel, work hard, or do various activities without any effect But when your age starts to number 3

You will know that if you use your body hard, you will definitely see the effect. Some people, before they know it, can’t come back and fix anything.

Start collecting now before it’s too late

It’s not a joke at all, right? Start planning your own finances and plan your life after retirement from today

After taking care of your own physical and mental health Don’t forget to take care of your financial health as well.

– Set aside reserves in case of emergency, because we don’t know in the future. What kind of problems will we face? Health, going to court, business matters, or anything else that is difficult to predict.

  • Today we have to eat. If you haven’t breathed out a hundred and a thousand dollars, don’t be superfluous. do not waste

– Don’t invest in things you don’t understand well enough. Keep the money in advance. Study the information thoroughly before starting any business. Don’t do anything that is trendy, such as a coffee shop (from the statistics of coffee shops that people open today, 9 out of 10 stores go bankrupt in the first year).

– Focus on paying off high-interest debt as quickly as possible. Especially the house interest is very high.

Stop proving yourself in the path others say.

– When we were young, we always understood that people with high scores

Good ranking, good university entrance exam, many degrees

  • Growing up a bit We will understand that people who work well. high salary

or famous, accepted, respected by society, “is a smart person”

– Come today, we will understand that we have been wrong all along. A truly talented person is someone who works or does any job effectively. It’s time to eat.

It’s time to sleep Have some free time to travel have time to exercise have time for family have time with friends

and myself, the person who is balanced in everything In my own way and living a happy life, that’s “a truly successful person”.

Good to people who are very good to us.

After choosing a good person to be in your life We should also treat him well. It’s not that he sees someone good and has the heart to take advantage of him.

Those who are good must be good in order to keep those good people in their lives as long as possible.

You can’t do everything.

Focus on what you can do and do it well enough Everything in life is an exchange. you got something to lose something

You can’t get it all. It’s something you have to accept. because the more regrettable thing is We spend the next 10 years living on things we don’t like.

From day to day, month to year, open your eyes again, you’re 50 and meet “mid-aged crisis” because it’s a problem that we haven’t solved 10 years ago.

You don’t have to be afraid of too much risk.

This age range can still change. In fact, between the ages of 30-40, we should definitely have a career to settle down. But it’s never too late to change.

keep improving yourself

Some people stop learning things by age 20, others by age 30 are too busy to develop themselves. But if you are a minority who develops himself and learn regularly

Physically, physically and mentally, 40 will be a new time for you to enjoy it, Warren Buffett once said, the most rewarding investment.

is to study and learn by himself because the money comes and goes Some relationships come and go. But your knowledge will stay with you forever.

Love yourself, respect yourself a lot.

Do something for yourself every day. Do something different once a month. Do something big once a year. Ask yourself if in 5 years, 10 years, what you’ve seen, how you feel right now.

Will it matter at that point? If not, it only takes a few minutes. Then let it go

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