June 4, 2023
6 mistakes that make salaryman have a difficult future Hand of man making bad signal

6 mistakes that make salaryman have a difficult future

Have you ever wondered? why some salary people seem to have a lot of money Some people live their lives looking very high-class. But at the end of the month, I came back to eat instant noodles. At the beginning of this month, live like a king. Not later than the middle of the month, it faded.

But some people do not have a luxury lifestyle. But soon there was a new home. have good securities interesting Because financial wealth or stable position comes from the “behavior” of spending money every day. Let’s take a look at that. you have misbehavior some of these?

  1. Not saving money, not preparing for retirement plans.

During the working age, the salary is credited to the account on a monthly basis. May make you forget to think about the future in retirement On the day when there is no more money flowing into the account Do not forget that we are salary people.

We are responsible for our expenses after retirement. We don’t have pensions like government jobs. It would not be good to expect children to raise their grandchildren. The more you decide to live a single life in the end, the more you have to prepare for retirement.

Where is the cost of medical care, the cost of living, which, of course, everyone hopes to live happily at the end of their life? Have you ever thought about how much money you want on retirement? Have you started collecting today yet?

  1. Build debt before building assets.

One of the top wishes of fresh graduates who have just started working Feeling proud of being able to earn on your own Feeling of being an adult, wanting to live independently, many people decide to start renting condos.

Many people started paying off their cars. With the privilege of being a human being, salary is even easier to satisfy needs. because full-time employees will have the ability to borrow money more easily than self-employed

But do not forget that Borrowing money comes with interest. The more you borrow, the higher the interest. It usually takes more than ten years to pay off.

Let’s try to think about it. Between being willing to save up to the full amount and then going to buy, and having to pay interest in an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the asset. Which one is more worthwhile?

In addition to interest matters, it is also added to the stress of debtors and the risk of default on debt due to the termination of permanent employment.

  1. Be a slave to extravagance

Spending money to buy happiness whether it is a luxury coffee shop Cute cake shop, authentic Japanese food shop. or after-work gatherings, Office work allows us to meet many different types of people on many levels.

Many people use brand name bags. Expensive cosmetics, gadgets must be trendy all the time. to be found in this environment every day. They are all things that motivate us to want to be like everyone else.

But do not forget that when deciding what to eat, what to choose, what to buy should take into account our financial situation better have little use less Even if you have a lot, you don’t need much. Saving money for happiness in the future would be better.

  1. Not taking care of health

both eating food that emphasizes only deliciousness rich in fat and carbohydrates Both high-sugar beverages, which would be an excuse for not exercising?

Where is the stress from work, moreover, many People still choose to destroy their own health, whether it’s alcohol or cigarettes. Many people start to dislike their own health at a young age.

So we rarely see the consequences of not taking care of our health. Some people eat alcohol every night, come in the morning and still go to work. The school fees that the office has insurance for are rarely used. It’s not strange

When the matter of health is a matter of time During this period, there may be Office S y n d r o m e, whether back pain and sore eyes, come to visit some

But neglecting to take care of yourself when you are young tends to show worse results later in the working life.

5.Do not develop yourself

Many people who work regularly Often calmed down because he saw that with the knowledge and abilities that exist today It’s enough for the job position to do.

Don’t forget that Our world revolves every day. new technology and knowledge happens every day There are new graduates every year. It’s true that our abilities are not worse, but there are people who are better suited. wages are cheaper

Until then, where will we have a place to stand? So don’t forget to learn. More experience, whether in their own line of work including the surrounding lines

And don’t forget to create a connection. Do good to everyone because the world is round. No one knows that Who might we need help from tomorrow?

  1. Not prepared for the day that the salary man will be retired.

because the future is uncertain There are more and more examples of layoffs without prior notice, even in Thailand.

Therefore, relying solely on salary income is one of the risks during a full-time job. We may look for hobbies that can generate extra income.

Including don’t forget to take the time to find out about money management. At least it’s about the tax abatement. or the use of savings to invest with financial products or investment in real estate

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