June 8, 2023
Tips for using the money, 2 entrances, 5 exits, have surplus money, have left

Tips for using the money, 2 entrances, 5 exits, have surplus money, have left

How to manage money with What is the secret of money management, 2 entrances, 5 exits, it is the concept of money management systematically.

Make you money left Enough to use for a whole month Now let’s see what are 2 entrances, 5 what are the exits?

Entrance 1 income

Which income from work, both monthly, daily, and private Regardless of what occupation, they must have a primary income. Which holds the money

Who regularly attend This money is considered to be an important part of It has to be managed and maintain a good source of money.

If working, it must be Tighten the position If it is good and it brings you income

Entrance 2 Extra income

This era, I can say that you should find a career. Can do anything in good faith, do not break the law, make investments, but have the opportunity to invest all the money.

You may look at the ability, time of additional work, for example, some people are accountants. I already work in the company but get a free freelance job.

Such as taking care of accounts for other companies, checking accounts, or even teaching special Accountancy Anything You Think You Can Do Enjoy

And think that you have the ability and make your income grow It is the second entrance of money.

5 The actual solution is the major expenditures. That people have to pay for each other is

  • Utilities such as house bills, water bills, etc.
  • Family expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Liabilities
  • money saving

All of these are the five main expenses that everyone has to pay. But for item 5, saving money

It will return as income or a second or third entrance in the future, here we will look at the priority. I that are arranged for sure

1st place is the most important

Because there is no one thing, you do not have a place to stay, no water, no power.

Expenses are the main expenses to be paid. Together throughout life

2nd place: People with family burden

Of course, the family has to come before themselves, such as giving money for children, school fees, or giving parents money.

It is something that needs to be focused on from the matter of living.

3rd place: personal expenses

That can be determined whether to be joyful or saving each day because of this money

Will determine It can be said that you will become rich or not from this personal spending.

4th place debt burden

Of course, there is debt to pay, but pay more, pay less, or not pay it, another matter.

We have to look at many. Reasons for how to manage it.

No. 5 Saving money

That is, the remaining money from items 1-4 will be kept there There will be a variety of ways to save money.

Choose the one that is suitable for us, but must be arranged as an expense that must be paid every month, it must be more or less, there must be a rest to Article 5

Because on any day you do not have income from the aforementioned two.

Will this be temporarily returned to you as income or

May throughout life, especially after aging, no work force.

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