June 8, 2023
This year, you must know how to save money, 9 ways to save money for people who are not good at saving money Mother and little girl having fun in piggyback ride outdoors.

This year, you must know how to save money, 9 ways to save money for people who are not good at saving money

Expensive belongings The cost will only increase. The product only increases the price. But the salary does not keep up with

In the end, I have to borrow money, have credit card debt, and say that savings are not to mention, in fact, saving money is not a concern.

Some people are in debt and still save money. Just that we have to do a little bit Today we look at 9 easy ways to save money. You are not good at saving money.

  1. Carry less money

If we are another person who is good at spending money Not good at collecting money How much is available only.

It means that we are a person who carries a lot of money and uses a lot, and if I carry less money?

Method: Carry a smaller amount of money than before. May use a daily cost calculation system How much money we spend per week

And only fit And remind yourself that this is the money we have to spend all week.

Not used up in 1 day and then withdraw money weekly instead of withdrawing when the money is depleted. It will be able to help you save money as well.

  1. Keep before use.

This is an easy way to start for less people, if you have savings, anyone can see the results easily, but you have to force yourself not to use this part of the money.

Method: When the salary is divided, 10% of the salary is divided for immediate savings. And this sum of money for savings Only one. Do not take it out and use it.

The rest are divided into sections. To pay off the debt Pay for various monthly expenses And daily spending

How to save money like this is a way that can help us create a discipline in saving money.

  1. Save a bank of 50 baht

It is another easy way to save money. The thing that we can do today, I keep only 50 baht bankroll.

Method: When did I get a 50 baht bank? Keep then Tucked in the dark corner of a wallet

Went home and put it into the jar Or the cans that we have prepared enough to fill the jar

Or may be the end of the period that we set Then bring this part of money to bank. Is it easy?

Nowadays, a 50 baht bank can be called a bank that is not often used by many people. Think of it as a lost item.

Must be kept up to a month or every 2-3 months then take it to the bank Some people use this method to save money. You can bring money to travel abroad.

  1. Do not use credit cards.

Limit the use of credit cards. To pay monthly expenses only. Instead of using credit cards to purchase products

Method: Use a credit card to pay for your monthly bills.

Such as rent, water bill, electricity bill, phone bill, credit

Or if you need to buy Expensive bulky items such as having to buy a new refrigerator, washing machine, etc. to use a credit card.

Do not use credit cards. In the shopping of luxury goods Or fussy products Because of that, it will make us accidentally use the credit card very often.

Causing a lot of fussy peaks But the amount is fussy anyway. All in all, it’s back a lot. I can’t afford to pay. Can pay only the minimum

Causing us to pay interest accordingly Use it, but just right. Will have savings together

5.Open a long-term account

If we are a person who is weak with himself. Another way to force yourself to save money.

That is, opening a long-term deposit account may start at 5 years ago and then move on.

Method: open a fixed deposit account Starting at a fixed deposit for 5 years and then depositing the same amount of money Together in that account every month

By using the system to automatically cut the balance according to the amount And how long we want And deposit it into the deposit account with the memorandum every month

Because of the fixed deposit account, we will not be able to bring the money out until the expiration time.

By setting up an automatic debit card, you won’t have to think too much, you don’t have to go to swap or deposit yourself.

No need to make A T M card as well. We just have to save every money. Definitely a month.

  1. Drop the piggy bank

I put the jar about the children, but some people use the jar, but I always use it. Like this, you can’t keep the money either.

Actually, putting the jars is good, we should divide the jars into different purposes, each one has different goals.

Method: Find several piggy banks, put paper to write the purpose of saving each piggy bank and paste it on the piggy bank.

For example, when visiting Songkran, the year of buying a new watch, buying a new phone

Buy a new laptop, etc. Don’t forget to share one jar for saving money.

You may divide between 10-20 baht per drop of the bottle, divided by the amount of the remaining amount for daily use. Weekly is fine.

Now there is an accumulation of money to buy Over there, there is also a share of money in a jar for saving money as well. Get the benefits all around

  1. Do not stick to the brand.

Clothes and accessories are not necessary to use the brand.

Choose a brand that has a good price, good quality, worth the price. Can be used for a long time It is better to choose expensive items. Because it will be used and look good

Method: Choose a quality product. And suitability of quality and price Mainly using the purpose that we want to buy

If we are business people Maybe investing in order to tailor a set of 2 sets of good work clothes that look good when we have to go out to meet customers.

Or partner or attend a meeting In addition, maybe buy a polo shirt or a shirt that looks good. You don’t have to be expensive, you can wear a normal working day instead.

Something like this can already mix and match. Now I have a lot of money to save.

8.Beat yourself

The biggest thing for saving money I think that it would be to win my own heart, do not buy, do not use, do not spend money in the jar.

But what should I do to force myself? Can create a new money saving discipline?

Method: create a long-term goal Pray for saving money for yourself. That we want to save money for something, buy a house, buy a car, take care of the family, buy a condo, etc.

Have a clear goal of saving money. Then use this goal to remind yourself that we need to save money for what.

If we have a clear goal for saving money That we want to save money for Even if it is saving money for having accumulated money

For a comfortable future It is also a good goal. And then we use these goals to remind ourselves.

When we think of picking up a jar of money to use That we endeavor to save money for sure. When we think of our goals I can assure you that you can win your own heart for sure.

  1. Reduce costs

One day, working people have to eat, coffee, tea, snacks, milk, butter and snacks are needed to relieve sleepiness.

Anything that can be reduced is better. Considered to be a weight loss in the body as well.

Method: Reduce the purchase of coffee tea, change to buy tea into a box of coffee, brewed coffee.

Reduce the amount of snacks eaten daily. Plan your own diet

Actually, if we already cook ourselves We were able to make more dishes at night. And bring the rest in a box to eat at the office instead

This is a cost reduction. Plus, eating clean, eating good food, too, and it doesn’t add to the things we do daily, but Anyway.

Actually, everyone can save money for everyone.

We just have to intend to discipline in saving our money first. Intend to save serious money

Set a goal to save money for yourself. And use this goal anyway to remind yourself. We will definitely be able to save money.

I wish everyone success with saving money. Come on, please please.

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