June 8, 2023

Salary man should understand this. Who has to go to work every day for what?

Think about it, if the salary is 15,000 collected without using a single baht It takes 66.6 months to collect, about 5.5 years, to get 1,000,000.

Just think about it, just survive each month, there are still expenses that await us. Including accommodation costs, travel expenses, installments, dining expenses, internet fees, various various

The more the day the money is in our hands less and less every day, then 100 baht. In the past, I used to eat two meals and now get half meals

It even has a saying, Don’t find a way to get rich from your regular job. It may sound like a true brave but it is true.

Many people do not want to have a good life but still live the same way of life.

It’s like you can’t catch a shark at the canal behind this house. It is not possible So many people turn to getting rich in a shortcut way.

For example, how is it that someone is talking to someone who is selling it in the end?

Life collapsed even more. Many people do not believe in their abilities. Do not think to develop themselves to be proficient. To have more knowledge, hope to not have a high salary

But in the act, in the behavior, in the same ability, think about it.

Is it true? You never get rich from a full-time job from a job that anyone can do.

Successful people who are very talented are often unable to do things that others cannot. And there is no rich man from being a regular employee

Nobody gets rich from saving. Only rich people from investing From doing business The only way we can achieve this is to improve ourselves.

Develop the ability in any subject to be able to understand and become proficient in the future, take it as a business of 1 million money without spending a single baht

Of the 15,000 salary, it still takes 5.5 years to set.

I think that if I collect half of 7,500, it will take 10 years and 10 months.

If you keep 3 – 4 thousand per month, you don’t have to think about how much time it takes.

Now, did you know that the path you are walking is not the answer? Can’t bring you to dream You already know what to do from now on.

Don’t expect to see snow In the desert Do not expect to be rich in your full-time job. I didn’t encourage you to resign in any way. But encourages you to develop yourself

Find your way to success. The person who succeeds is not just a dreamer. But is a diligent person with a dream Let’s do it.

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