June 4, 2023

Ideas about spending money..why make money for many years Money is never enough

Saying with each other, from working to retirement age that

Make all the money to pay out How much money is not enough to pay Not making money in time to use Earn money, never have money saved

Every worker needs a high salary and a lot of income.

At the very least, I would like to receive a salary that is enough to pay for the whole month. There is still a little bit of storage left.

But the current society

The life of a working person has things that cost money. It costs a lot more. Which although it is an important expense

But it doesn’t mean that it will change. Or can not reduce expenses

Such as the minimum credit card payment each month Product installments Mobile phone service charges

Internet fees Beauty fee – buy cosmetics Fitness service fee, gas fuel fee

These expenditures Is paying for something ‘It may not have to have, to have to, or have to be’.

But it is still better than expending useless things like forks, bucks, wages, or hotel expenses.

How much salary is enough to meet the needs is a common problem for workers.

Many people earn more when they start their work. But still not enough to pay, not pay enough to pay the debt

Take a look back at the past. If we do not incur a debt Especially credit card debt To easily buy what you need

Until now, there must be a lot of savings If you are working, you pay for the daily bill.

Equal to the daily expenses, especially the cost of rice. There will be twice as much money left for rice ever!

If you earn thousands Or the beginning ten thousand But buy clothes Expensive jewelry to wear to work

Use tens of thousands of mobile phones that still need to pay Drink almost a hundred cups of coffee

Even though it is the joy of working people that reward themselves for their exhausting work.

But suffering to be paid or in debt will follow later in life and behavior like this. As a result, most workers have debt.

Even people who earn high salaries but do poorly manage their own income. There is no saving money left because most of them get a lot of money and spend a lot as well.

This is something that has to do with the probability of having a simple handler.

As a kid, you might have thought that you only have 1 million baht and you are already rich. But when growing up, 1 million baht might be a very small amount in your eyes.

That is because there is no end to passion. The more people grow Passion is growing even more accordingly.

‘The condition and position that you have to make your image appear to society’, so even if there is not enough

Because of the increased demand Let’s consider that in the beginning of our working life. You may only earn thousands. Or the beginning ten thousand

From income that is sufficient to live in a month When you have more and more demands

Income is not enough. Have to turn the salary collide months after that

You will start to think that if there is a salary of thirty thousand baht, it will be enough for the expenses to be comfortable.

But when your salary reaches thirty thousand, when you return to your old behavior.

Thirty thousand money that I think is enough In the end, it’s not enough.

From what I used to think that ‘How much is not enough?’ I try to change it to ‘Do not save as much as possible. Until I feel that saving much is still not saving enough ‘

Or create debt, but must be ‘Debt for the future’. Saving money and life insurance. And deposit money with the bank Will be comfortable when old

Or have money saved to use in the event of an incident or an unexpected event Always assess your salary or other income expenses first.

To allocate salary in parts What do you think you should pay?

Will know that he has been paid each month until he is not left to eat. Any expenses that are not necessary

Gradually cut it out, calling it easy to spend saving

If you can save 80 thousand for 1 year and save for 3 years, it is 2 hundred and 4 thousand, during that may go to the bank to invest, there will be more money to save.

Even in the future, appliances will raise prices You are not in trouble. If compared to people who have worked for the same 3 years but don’t have a single savings.

More importantly, you will have a restful reserve that can be used in emergency cases such as emergency medicine.

Or an accident that makes you unable to work anymore

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