June 4, 2023

His wife’s 14 attributes are what they call it. “Best Human Wife”

  1. Be a generous woman. Always open A generous woman here doesn’t mean that her husband can go and have a gig. But generosity here means being generous with relatives. With my husband’s friends When it comes to meeting or socializing, it is always open.
  2. Be your husband’s best friend. Sometimes the husband needs the intelligence of his wife in order to become a partner. It is a friendly and trustworthy person who can listen to give advice and give advice as needed Also, if you know what your husband likes, what he dislikes, and also knows the husband’s family again, it will be every young man’s dream.
  3. Do something nonsense together. Not always a life for a couple is always a lot of fun, you can play jokes wherever you go. Go Lalla anytime. Or to play games, watch funny movies, sleep and watch some, add sweetness and it is another moment of happiness that you can create yourself.

4.Be optimistic All of us have probably had a day when we had to face a lot of things, and on the day when our husband had to face this kind of unfair fate Being optimistic about your wife and encouraging your husband to get through bad things. Possible It may help to make your husband comfortable and ensure that you are there for him. Shake hands, step through bad things In life

  1. Honest. Love and honesty are still important to the relationship of a married life. No one can be without this. Even though dating for a long time Love will fade away But if you both hold on to honesty No matter how heavy the obstacles Or even if a third hand comes in, your love will remain firm and secure forever.
  2. Laugh the jokes that your husband shared. Would be happy every day If we are with the people we love and are ready to laugh with him every day. Therefore, when your husband releases a joke that makes you laugh. Either it is funny or it is dry, but if it is funny, it will add a lot of happiness.
  3. Have a good relationship with your family. Mother-in-law problem Or son-in-law and father-in-law In order to avoid this problem, both husband and wife should focus on being a good daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Parents and husbands will love it.
  4. Support your husband’s goals. And do not leave their dreams as a husband and wife have to support each other It is considered to fuel each other to follow their dreams. And go towards the goal
  5. Calm down as a river, even with arguments. Living together, there must be some conflict But if the husband is hot, it is not that the wife will have to be hot. Should cool as a river Listen to some of his reasons Knowing how to forgive will make a marriage smooth and live.
  6. Kindness, compassion, outside is important. But if the interior is not beautiful, not bright, it certainly cannot be a good condition. If you are a good minded person Has a gentle character, does not get tired without reason Good at creating atmosphere that makes people around you laugh. This is a sign of a good marriage for a young man.
  7. Not too interfering with other people’s lives. Even if you are a husband and wife, you have to have some time for yourself, so the other person is uncomfortable that they are being overly interfered with their personal life. Let each other take their own lives And leave the middle of the two of us together
  8. Compromise, Talk, Talk is a matter of marriage. Even if there are things that cause uneasiness Or feel dissatisfied with each other Leverage your ability to control your emotions. And have good emotional maturity Even when faced with unexpected situations Reconciliation, then turned to talk to clear it up. Will make you understand each other better.
  9. No, you are vengeful Know how to forgive people. Everyone does wrong. Nobody is good, killing the deeds is hardly any good for anyone. It will only cause suffering. Therefore good quality must be known to forgive and let go.
  10. Accept the flaws of the other party. Nobody is perfect, everyone has their advantages. And all the flaws in themselves Is that it can accept, adjust and live with the flaws of the other party.

In addition to the 14 properties of Sriprai mentioned above

The life of love and marriage will be long and happy. It requires the cooperation of both of you. Whether it is always adding love to sweet Take care of both the body and mind. Have a stable financial position And one love Hold on to honesty Will make your marriage happy Because even though the quality is fully qualified But if your husband doesn’t love well, secretly has a gig, then who would have it?

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