June 8, 2023

From being in debt… until having a hundred thousand savings

From being in debt, having collected a hundred thousand Tales from real life that anyone can do

During one of my lifetimes with an ex-wife working as a shop clerk in a famous department store, I had the opportunity to get to know a department store employee. Indebted

The same is true for other employees, including debts, cards, supplies, usable expenditures. By months, some months … almost none left

He said that… In the first year, he created a debt for himself with a phone that had passed through a credit card. And the following years in his wallet

Has more than 2 credit cards over a period of 4 years… He works only on card debt.

Use your own debt With things that do not need much, telephones, TVs, and many other appliances

Until one day … From having a new life He threw away all the credit cards…!

Return the patient car through For years Moved from the apartment, the rent is 6 thousand baht per month to rent a room at 800 per month with shared bathroom

I used to eat steak Shabu at the mall with friends every week. He boiled only 1 egg and melted it with chili fish sauce to eat at work.

Come back to the house, eat 1 wooden ball and 5 baht bag of rice, water to eat, use the vending machine, the amount of baht per day

Friends at work started to distance themselves. Because he did not eat and use the luxury as before

The car didn’t have to drive the roast beef from what we had to eat together, but didn’t eat with friends like every week. And wrapped boiled egg rice to work Eat free water from the mall

Go home evening Eat some meatballs, some omelettes, some alternate boredom.

Believe it or not He’s been doing this for years ever.

He has 3-4 thousand savings from the debt flood. In any month, get a lot of commission and collect a lot. Not used to wasted spending as before

Still, he still lives the same (because he used to), wrapped up food, eating, rented rooms, shared bathrooms.

Until one day the changing point of life arrived. Dry the blankets and get caught… .. steal…!

He doesn’t want to buy Blankets, bedding with cash. Because in the past I knew the value of money more

He decides Laying blankets with guests House for rent.

At the price of 1,500 guests, let you feel comfortable at 350 baht / 10 months, falling only 10 baht per day.

He decides On the first night, sleeping under a new blanket, in my heart, I thought about the flowers as much as I thought…! When he went to sleep, he thought….

Selling blankets through Let your colleagues be better. Department store employees like the door… !!

He went to the bedding shop. Went to request a catalog of different types of bedding

Take it to a friend in the command department. Get good feedback One day can be dozens of sets!

500 baht down payment 300 baht for 10 months cost 1500 (price several years ago) has a double cover … !!

The staff spoke word-of-mouth to other departments, inviting each other to come through.

In just a few months, he Hundreds of bedding sets in the staff!

But calculated and still have a nice profit From him who owes a lot of debt But now, even the manager’s level comes to ask for money from him.

He’s living a better life without credit cards.

Get a comfortable life back And also returned to down payment On a new car, and he still acts as simple as before, wrapping up rice to eat, but the food is better.

Eat free water from the mall as before. Until finally he accepted Assigning multiple products to fellow employees Not just bedding

From being in debt to having collected a hundred thousand

I can only ask. Save, live a modest life, anyone can do it, no matter how hard it is.

Do not care about anyone who will gossip, who will not be dating you. Firmly focus on the target Anything that is not needed in Chit is cut off. Life will be a lot easier.

Today, if you buy just the right things to show off to others one day, you will need to sell the things you need to maintain your status.

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