June 8, 2023

Company characteristics That is not likely to apply for a job Not worth going to work

If you are about to lose your job and still can’t find a job. Or, if you are already at work and are starting to get bored of your job search for a new job, you should make a good decision on the company you are going to work with.

Because the job search is not the only factor in terms of money and work.

But there are also things to think about the “company” that we need to attend as well. Which before submitting applications or agreeing to work with any company

Even if your salary is more than what you are doing Or a very interesting job position Let me mention there are 7 companies that you should never work with. Or if working

  1. Companies with conflicting corporate cultures.

How do you notice

There is an insider or a friend of your friend working there complaining about the atmosphere of work.

Or someone regularly reviews their work in public forums

How bad it is

A company like this might not be the reason why you didn’t choose to submit your application in the first place. But I can assure you that

It will affect your working life in the long term, whether it is your performance. To the financial side of the company

How to do

Avoid trying, try not to decide on a contract with a company like this.

Because you may have problems in a long time.

  1. Companies that people frequently leave

How do you notice

There is a job posting for important positions. Follow the website often Or the company you work in for the first week, only people say you will quit. Both joking and talking truthfully

How bad it is

Usually, a good company shouldn’t have to recruit for a managerial position. Or the top management every 6 months. If you see any company doing this behavior.

This means that the company is in a very bad situation. There may be 3 reasons that management does not have good leadership.

There is an internal corporate culture that cannot attract good people.

Or is it possible that senior management has goals as short as With the length of time the employees stay in the company

How to do

Companies that only leave people do not follow the agreements that you were told. Therefore, if he promises to encourage you for only this time

  1. A company with no future I don’t know what I’m doing

How do you notice

Your company doesn’t have any plans. Regardless of the short-term and long-term

No matter who you ask in the company, no one will know. Even your own boss

How bad it is

The company that is like the Titanic That sailed into the vast ocean, there was no future like this Is like a company that is ready to sink at any time

You may not feel anything when you first start working. May be viewed as a challenge It was a change in the company that happened.

Like life has to spin fast all the time. But when you’re done with work, you might find that Everything is messed up

Everything is thought and done day by day. No planning ahead, be careful, perhaps there will be signs like “This month, I have not paid my salary yet.”

How to do

No matter how good the image of the company is As you can see in various media But if the company doesn’t know what it’s doing, why?

Show that your company does not have a strategic plan. What you can do is help your company plan or leave to work elsewhere.

  1. A company that plays dishonestly with you

How do you notice

The company you work for doesn’t have clear goals. Or there is nothing in writing whether it is

Your responsibilities are clear. To the long-term goals of the company, or you may see your own boss

Who keep promising to give you that day today Be careful

How bad it is

In today’s world where everyone is asking for transparency and trust from every organization. Companies therefore try to present transparency by presenting the corporate culture.

Such as disclosure of welfare Or various bonuses Until it became like a promise that the company tried to make to compete

Think about it, if HR tells you that you will meet you later this year, but at the end of the year it will act as if nothing happened. Or Boss, you say will raise your salary at the end of the year

But at the end of the year, he said that in the middle of next year That is the source of companies that play dishonestly with you.

How to do

Plan for a new job and prepare to quit. Because there is no reason for you to stay with a contractual company.

And play dishonest with you Live like this, your life will keep on going.

  1. The company focuses on discussing work, not working.

How do you notice

Every day, the executives keep meeting, do not distribute work, do not decide anything.

How bad it is

Think about how you have to work in a company with three top executives sitting in the room brainstorming all day, but at the end of the day.

They ended up going home. And you don’t know what to do Or worse, they came back to reclaim your work. That he doesn’t let you do anything all day

How to do

Ask yourself these questions, for example, is there only insiders getting the opportunity, or is the company looking for outsiders to work for a larger position?

Or eh, why is there a management level V i c e P r e s s i d e n t is 10 despite the company having only 100 employees?

If you get questions while viewing company details That is the signal that the company is a company that focuses on work, not work.

So if you can choose, don’t go into working with a company like this.

6.Brilliant outside company, hollow inside

How do you notice

Cool atmosphere pictures Excellent office and unmatched sales campaign But when actually entering work

Turned into a different movie Only the boss’s office can be called an office. The other part is not called the office at all.

Besides electricity that is not bright And computers since the time of the god louse Not to mention the staff break corner.

How bad it is

It’s like you go to a hotel reservation website that you haven’t actually got a chance to see before. But when you actually stay Then different as the sky and the abyss

But what’s even more worrying is the hotel you only stay for a few nights, but a company like that, you’ll have to stay for at least 40 hours a week for at least half a year. Think how bad it will be

How to do

Do a good job reading company reviews before deciding to work somewhere, but it’s a good idea.

You should find a work acquaintance, look in it and ask.

7.Bonsai Company

How do you notice

You feel like you don’t learn any more from your daily work. There is no performance evaluation.

Or you may be ordered to work outside your responsibilities all the time.

How bad it is

You might be thinking that the salary is okay. The duties that you are assigned are not bad, but when you think about it again, keep doing this work.

You haven’t learned any more. I still feel my wisdom is diminishing. Bonsai company is very suitable for people who do not What more did you learn?

Enough with what is currently There are no goals for the future, no larger than this.

How to work at a bonsai company means a sign that you will have to quit and enter a 12-month, 18-month work cycle.

Because bonsai is a tree that has been cut and raised so that it does not grow further. Or, in other words, no death, not a party.

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