June 8, 2023

8 ways of using money of the Chinese people Keep teaching children The beginning of the owner

  1. Teach children to know the value of money since the end of the day.

Chinese people tend to teach their children from childhood how to value money. By simple methods

What can be seen during Chinese New Year is the distribution of “Ang Pao”. It is for children to use money to learn to plan the use of savings.

Because the Chinese believe that The best teaching method is Let him learn by himself, meet himself.

However, when I started to grow up a little He will begin to let his children go “wade” in business or business.

Family-built To have the skills to earn a living

Know more value of money And practice diligence and patience In order to prepare for further business

It can be said to cultivate financial habits from generation to generation. Into the future

  1. Spending in a “value-based” style

Most Chinese people focus on spending what is “worth” for their money.

And must know to restrain every time Before spending money on unnecessary things Which in the end this idea Will become a discipline

With us for a long time It will be useful for many decisions in the future.

  1. Saving money is good.

In addition to the idea that “Slow in paying” and must not forget “Quick to keep” to enhance the wealth itself. Average chinese

Will save about 25 percent of the salary Or maybe half

Of the salary ever To be used when necessary

  1. Talk about shopping on a regular basis.

“The more I know what the situation ‘Finance’ is in my house now. Will be even faster in finding a way to manage “

Therefore, Chinese families often call it

Are you spending more than you currently spending? To prepare a protection plan They also help each other.

Make some financial decisions Or various projects in the future to “die” more as well

  1. Diligent and diligent to study.

If you want to be rich, you have to be diligent to learn. Aiming to be professional in their own field and the rewards

Will increase according to our ability This is the concept that makes the Chinese people diligent.

Endure until success And they tend to be unique.

In the job Whether you live in any country

  1. Focus on paying with cash

Cash in here Is the money in the account Or accumulated savings Most of the time, the Chinese people will use these money for their shopping.

Or put simply, “how much, pay only” via debit card. Or e-wallet to pay instead Without popular use “Future money” from credit card

How much do you pay first? The benefits are Helping to avoid incurring debts until they are out of control

Can also track the budget Accurate money in the account, too

  1. Calculate the numbers carefully.

When the Chinese people need to incur debts, such as buying a house or investing in their own business Chinese people will calculate

Thoroughly first, such as calculating their own income Increased debt burden Interest to be paid

Including the rewards to receive back And various risks that may arise Which the award of this resolution will make

He has more income More stable Without the risk of being overwhelmed by debt

  1. Have tact in negotiations.

This skill is very useful. It is an art ever. The Chinese believe that Diplomatic negotiations will make us

Get the most This reflects a strong focus on performance. And cost effectiveness is the main

What is really important is not the origin. Rather, it is nurturing character, values ​​and way of thinking.

So if you bring these 8 features to start developing Change oneself

And the offspring will surely be rich

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