June 8, 2023

8 survival techniques Stay until the end of the month How to eat and use to have money left

At the beginning of the month, many people might smile blush at the freshly released salary, and still bring money to go shopping with ease, but how close to the end of the month? Back to be excruciating Because there is little money left When shopping for money each time, you have to think and think again.

As the saying goes It’s near the end of the month… almost everywhere. Today we’re going to introduce the salarymen to 8 easy ways that will help you survive the end of the month. Guaranteed that it will help you survive safe until the payday is issued for sure. What will be there? Let’s go see it.

  1. Explore pocket money

The first step is to know how much money you have left. And how many days are left until the salary is released? In order to plan how each day should be divided into how much money should be used

Is there anything that doesn’t need to be cut from expenses? These plans will help you control the amount of expenses that fit your pocketbook.

  1. Dry goods must be ready, supplies must be full.

When it is near the end of the month Many people tend to buy instant noodles to eat. But if you have planned early by buying and stocking up on the news at the beginning of the month.

You will have good food to eat all month long. And doing so will also help reduce expenses at the end of the month as well.

  1. Reduce and give up beverages and snacks.

Many people may not realize that the snacks they eat during a snack Or that favorite coffee Look at the surface may look a little. But if you put those money together for a whole month

You will find yourself wasting a lot of money on drinks and snacks, so it is these extravagant expenses that we recommend trying to avoid buying until the salary is better.

But if anyone can not really pick up snacks or coffee We allow you to do this only two times a week. Or buy as a one-time pack But set aside for eating during the long day Until the end of the month It is an idea that is not the same.

  1. Wrapping lunch can help you.

One meal in this age of famine, even at the very end, it still falls at 30-35 baht per plate, sometimes it can reach 40-50 baht per plate. Ever

Also give a little rice with only bits of vegetables, spirits, pork, and chicken, so why would you endure it? So, try to pack your lunch to eat at work. In addition to having a full-sized lunch box And the taste already resonates It also saves a lot of money each day.

  1. Search the refrigerator to create new menus.

Do a thorough search in your refrigerator and kitchen area in case you can find ingredients to stock up on cooking or dry food.

Such as instant noodles, flossy pork, chili sauce, etc., and try to bring the new recipe with a new menu and season to taste. Even if it is vegetables, fruits, or healthy items, it will help you to fill your stomach and get good health as a bonus.

  1. Rice

If anyone has been walking the supermarket close to closing You must have seen restaurants with some very cheap marketing offers, some 50% or cheaper on the blacklist.

In order to not have to be left behind, so do not delay, that is a golden opportunity for salarymen like us. More importantly, don’t be embarrassed or embarrassed.

  1. Join together to help divide.

Believe me that among your co-workers or neighbors. There must be someone with a lighter wallet before the end of the month as well. Then try sharing meals and eating them together. Anyone who has any ingredients can combine them and cook them together and eat them together. Or sharing two different things with rice With just this, you can eat a variety of delicious food and also save and get more intimate.

  1. Time to hibernate at home.

For city life Or even people living in different provinces Leaving the house each time is not a good idea. Even if you have your own car But believe it, just as you leave the house You will have to pay for the gas.

Or anyone who has to rely on public transport I have to pay for the travel expenses, this does not include the cost of meals outside the house, and accidentally wandered around, it may be dull to buy a luxury item separately. I know this

If you think that you are not conscious enough You should keep yourself at home. House cleaning Or doing other activities at home for a while Until the money is released

I hope you can apply it to your advantage.

Finally, I would like to leave everyone that Every time the salary is issued You must be mindful before spending any money. When the salary is in the account, do not celebrate. But check first what expenses you have in store. How much is left and then spend it on unnecessary expenses. If you can do this from the beginning of the month I can assure you that your life will definitely improve.

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