June 8, 2023

8 rich people thinking that people don’t understand

Thinking like other people in general may make us more savings, but far too rich.

Way of thinking of the rich To introduce this It is an unconventional way of thinking.

But makes us richer If applied in the right way

Let’s take a look at how rich people think about how they work.

  1. Do not collect money only.

Rich people think that spending money is just as important. With the collection of money If you only keep it, there may be side effects.

Because the flow of money is blocked. Whether it is when spending money Save money or invest He always thinks of its future value sometimes.

We may see people spending money on expensive things because they have long-term confidence that He will get more value.

So don’t worry about why you bought it. I used hundreds of thousands of expensive computers without knowing how much he could make money out of it.

Think about how you are going to spend your money in order to get more rewarding long-term results.

  1. Anyone Can Be Rich

Rich people think that anyone can be rich. You don’t need to be gifted or highly educated to do. If you want to be rich Financial vision must be changed to a positive one.

Think that we are a rich person If you want to be rich, but also talk about the difference in status

Poverty or inferiority Success will certainly be out of reach.

Start gently By imagining a happy future Picture yourself wearing nice clothes.

Picture yourself sitting in an expensive car. Live in a big house with a swimming pool, try to envision your future life as rich people. Then the environment that surrounds us will change.

  1. Do not press money often.

Setting the time and amount of money to withdraw from the ATM is one of the wealthiest man’s money management habits.

To know from the income of one month until the date of receipt of the next month How often we withdraw money from the account

They would press their salary twice a time to control their own spending. The push of 500 pips at a time was never in his head because he thought.

By pressing money little by little, it will make you unaware of how many baht you have spent. And more difficult to control as well Let’s compare it for a month.

Withdrawing money, spend little by little, but how often and how many times with withdrawing money will give us better control over account money.

  1. Take good care of your wallet.

For the rich, the wallet is the rest of the money. Therefore, care must be taken as much as money when they

Seeing a wallet full of receipts or banknotes that are not properly arranged. He will feel frustrated.

Like a purist who sees things The house is not neat enough. Don’t be surprised to see them.

Invest in buying expensive wallets because they are durable. And is a good money storage place

  1. Pay time

Rich people think time is money, save one hour to improve their abilities, spend 10 minutes and increase their self-worth.

Such as using money to hire a housekeeper to clean the house Personally, I sit at my own work. And use that time to develop the ability to accomplish the task

The journey is the same. They will find the closest address to the company so that time is not wasted on the road.

Travel time can be taken to complete one job, have an extra hour of rest, or have time to make breakfast by yourself, find something good to eat before the start of work.

The most worthwhile thing is to spend a lot of time wasted on meetings. The longer the meeting The conflict will only increase.

It is also a heavy use, or sometimes it can lead to a complete slowness.

  1. Keep your home in order.

The rich man’s house has few things. Were placed in an orderly and clean manner Having things placed in a mess and mess

Will cause the money to come in Next comes the bathroom. The bathroom is the place that characterizes the house. Take a look at the houses that collect the money.

You will see that the bathroom is always cleaned up. Because the bathroom is a place where the power of wealth can flow easily The lifestyle of a good cashier

In short, minimalistic, all around is necessary. Not the one you want They know where the object is.

Therefore knowing what is left And not going to buy things that are unnecessary

7.Invest in health

Health for the rich is just as big as earning money. They always spend their time out, even when their work is busy. Because he instinctively knew that

Sukaphap is a property that must be preserved, and as it is known that health, if it is lost, cannot be returned for sure.

Carrying out 15-30 minutes a day is enough if done every day. Arabic exercises help to improve the immune system and reduce the occurrence of stress.

As well as enhancing the ability to remember as well.

And it is a condition that helps stimulate the work of the people. This is what helps to keep good health and ready to go through various tasks.

  1. Set realistic goals.

Rich people set possible goals and experience success one step at a time and step up.

For example, an average person might aim to earn millions in five years. But the rich will aim to be shorter.

For example, there must be a hundred thousand in three months. One time rejoicing and 10 rejoices are very different.

The more things to be glad, the more Will only have more driving force

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