June 4, 2023

7 weird ways to save money for ordinary people, when it opens out, you can have a large sum of money to use when needed

Many people have problems with their collection of money. Can’t keep money Or having a habit of having money without having to spend it all If you have difficulty controlling how much you spend your money

We’ll introduce some of the weirdest ways to save money that are guaranteed to help you maximize your savings. There will be some ways to follow. Let’s see.

  1. Less salary fraction

It’s another way to force yourself to save money. By deducting the possible salary fraction as savings, for example, assuming you earn 19,560 baht

Try to deduct the amount of 560 baht to keep it as the starting money of the first day of the month. And use it as inspiration for saving money in the next days

This method is suitable for people who have a lot of responsibility. Because there will be no other method to force you

  1. Keep a new bank, use only the old bank or keep the old bank, only use the new bank.

This is another trick that is similar to saving 50 banks, but you can choose whether you want to keep new or old banks with you. The only request that must have is

Honesty Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to save a penny. Because he was deceiving himself in his heart that This bank is new This bank is too old I can’t keep

If anyone has started this method of collecting money Try to use it with a small bank like Bank 20 first, because it is considered the easiest way to start saving money.

  1. Split money into bags.

This method is very prevalent in the social world. But believe that many people should have never done so It is said that it is a really effective method.

Because it allows us to know the limit of spending on a daily basis And know how to plan ahead to have money to spend until the end of the month It will be done by dividing money into bags to use each day. And do not use too much

But if you have money left, you can keep it. It is considered to be a compulsory collection of raw materials that are not less effective. Whoever collects money and never stays, has to try this method.

  1. Collect every baht coin, every satang, drop all savings

Young method, but it works. Because if you can’t save a lump of money Just relying on collecting money in the jar is still good. Choose a jar that is a little bigger.

And keep putting in the remaining coins to use each day, not sure…

In a month, you might have thousands of dollars saved from the little bits of coins you collect each day.

5.Separate the jar

For people who like to travel We recommend this method. Just find several jars and paste the labels of the dream destinations.

For example, Maldives, Japan, Chiang Mai, Krabi, collect to other jars related to the cost of clothing, car decoration, home decoration, etc.

By the time the money is full of the jar We will have money to spend or money to travel without feeling guilty. Because we have already divided the money into many parts

Plus you don’t have to interfere with your monthly salary or personal expenses. It is considered a good motivation practice to save motivation.

  1. Do not use the 50 bank.

This method is suitable for people who like to shop with a large bank. When the change came immediately Chose to keep the 50 banknote

And absolutely must not take out 50 banks. The more money you save, the more money you save. Try collecting money like this for a month or two.

Your savings are going to be thousands more. Give it a try!

  1. Put the money in the jar equal to the lunch fee.

This method is suitable for people who like to eat luxurious meals or expensive meals, because the more you do. How much do you eat here?

You only have to force yourself to collect more money. By this way you must take notes and be very honest with yourself.

Never have an excuse to save less than the money you spend. If you can, you are a future millionaire.

All 7 of these, you can apply them together. There is no need to use either method.

For example, choosing to collect 50 banks, the remainder of the money each day will be divided into the jar for traveling

Or will it be chosen to divide the money into the bag to use each day. By deducting a fraction of the starting salary, saving it as a deposit

Every way you can do it Just be honest with yourself.

Hopefully these methods should get in your eyes a little. Go ahead and try it out, and we can assure you that the word ‘millionaire’ is definitely not too far away from you.

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