June 4, 2023

6 tips for beginners to save money from hundreds to hundreds of thousands

Many people tend to have a problem with the monthly salary more than that is Used less than a month, then it has been exhausted. That’s because

There is no good financial planning. When you do it often, you will get used to it and you won’t be able to save money.

Today we will take a look at the tips. Help you save money What are you going to do? Let’s go and see.

  1. Focus on drinking water More than nectar

Water is already cheaper than nectar. Such as tea, coffee or soft drinks, if we drink water.

Until becoming a habit Will make us not want to drink sweet water frequently In addition to helping us save more money.

Water is also more beneficial for the body than drinking sweetened water on a regular basis as well.

  1. Share money on a daily basis.

Salary time When you see a lot of money, it is more likely to reward yourself. By eating expensive and delicious food

Or buy things that you can get in return for your tired work all month long But doing this This will make the use of insufficient funds over a month than we suggest.

When the salary is released, you withdraw money to share each day. Put in a zip bag for days until the end of 30 days, part of the money

Give it a share to pay the burden to be paid every month. For example, the house bill, water bill, phone bill, and the rest of the phone bills can be kept in a savings account No need to withdraw

If the rest of the money from each day’s share remains Then put it to drop the jar again Guarantee that you will have so much money left unaware of it.

  1. Buy only the necessary things. And only really need to be used

Shopping is not wrong. If we have enough money left to buy things

Or may need to buy I actually use it, no matter what, but having to go shopping, buy bags, shoes, clothes, miscellaneous items every month.

Or every time you see the price reduction tag It wouldn’t be a good idea to become a millionaire, you have to know how to save and spend your money.

We do not need to buy small things in a month.

  1. Earn extra income from many channels.

In addition to saving Another important thing is To earn more money, only intend to keep getting rich slowly. But if you can earn more income

Will shorten the time Can find a lot of things to sell At the holiday market

Or get freelance work That can be done after finishing work that regularly

  1. Drop the jar every day

This is the easiest way to start saving. And also a starting point In creating a habit of saving for themselves as well as children who have not yet made their own income

I do not have a certain income. Then use the method of deducting the value of snacks to drop in the jar every day for 10-20 baht per day according to the ability

For those who work already have their own income. Will be deducted from the salary 10-30% of the salary

For saving, you must have a certain amount of money saved in 1 year.

  1. No party

For the party line May not have to quit permanently, but reduce the number of times. Choose only the most important events.

Like a friend’s birthday party Or some congratulatory party But should not be more than 2 times a month because of this kind of party

There will be a very high cost. And it is also something that will affect our health in a long time, but who is it for?

Who do not like this style There would be no problem And it is also easier to save money

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