June 8, 2023
5 tips to save a lot of money Suitable for low income people Or unable to collect money

5 tips to save a lot of money Suitable for low income people Or unable to collect money

Income of each person is not the same. Have both a low income and a lot of income, but if we intend to really save money The fact that we have little income is not an excuse to make us not save money.

For those who do not have a lot of incomes, such as those who have just graduated Just went to work on the first day Or the person who receives a salary is not a lot of money What can we do to increase our savings?

If not, there will be more savings Today we have a way to save money to share with everyone to try to follow together. Anyone with low income Income is not as much as others.

But not having more money to save Let’s take a look at how to save money that we summarized for in .. Save money, save money, save way, save money, low income, not good at saving money. Low salary

5 ways to save a lot of money For low income people and poor savings

1.Keep it before use

The equation that we have to remember and apply is income – savings = expenses. For some people who think that they will get the money and spend it first. How much is left, then keep Tell me, a small percentage of people who think like this will save money. Because most of them rarely have any money left to keep

Or if there is a left, it will be very little Now try to adjust the new method. Get money, whether large or small Will be salary or whatever value deducted 1 part before collecting it immediately.

For example, we have income from work of 10,000 baht, deducted immediately and collect 1,000 baht without a bargain. How much remaining, then gradually take that part of the money to manage This will give us more savings.

  1. Separate accounts

Some people only use one account. Whether it is a salary, money, cash out, money that we withdraw to spend there. When we do a lot of financial transactions, we will never know how much money we have left. Our savings have increased very little or not.

Therefore, we should separate the accounts as income and savings accounts. The income account is the payroll account or the account that we receive money in. Able to withdraw and withdraw money as usual, can make A T M card with this account as well. The other account is savings and this account does not need to have an A T M card. It focuses on depositing money only.

This account will allow us to see how much the balance has been increased. After 6 months or 1 year, try to adjust the book. Check the balance and see how much we have saved.

  1. Share money on a daily basis.

This method is suitable for beginners or anyone who is going to be serious about collecting money. But I can’t resist myself The advantage of this method is that it can allow us to limit the amount of money we use each day. Causing us to not spend more than our own money Or whether not spending lavish money

The method is that we must first calculate that How much money do we spend each day? Whether it is travel expenses, taxes and other daily expenses, for example, let’s calculate that we spend 300 baht per day for 1 week, totaling 2,100 baht. Withdraw 2,100 baht and share it for the next day.

Like this, it will help keep us from spending more than ourselves You don’t have to spend money to buy anything that doesn’t need it. Considered to force yourself to go in and practice discipline in spending money too.

  1. Keep a bank of 50 or a new bank.

How to keep a bank of 50 or that to keep a new bank? It is a relatively popular method, many people are doing it. Because bank 50 is a bank that does not have too much value and is not too small.

Storage time, it will not affect much of the money in the pocket. Or some people choose to keep a new bank Whether it is 20, 100, 500 or 1,000 per card, some people will choose to collect all if it is a new bank that has no folds.

Try to keep in the box and keep, after 1 year, it will slowly take out to check the amount.

  1. Drop the jar

Do not underestimate the power of a piece of coin. Whether it is $ 5, $ 10, baht, although it has a small value. But if we collect a lot It will be able to take advantage of a lot.

Because whether it is worth much less, it is considered money that we collect like this may not make us wealthy or have more money in a year, but it is a practice of saving habits. Practice the habit of knowing the value of every penny.

Because no matter how small it is, it is money.

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