June 8, 2023

5 things in life that are too extravagant Quit and have a lot of money left

Want to have a better life You must know where to save money to spend in the future. And these Quit, quit.

It wastes No money left to save Go and see what you should quit. And our life will be much better

  1. Drink every week.

My own work Be exhausted May have to relax together But that relaxation

There’s no need to binge eat that much.

Friday, Saturday, sleep, Sunday, leave Monday, this is the wrong way of thinking.

  1. Debt arising from the loan

If salary is released You can stay with you for less than a day, then you need to pay for various installments, which you have paid for.

Most of them may not be necessary. But a delightful item such as a new mobile phone or even a condo in the city center

And even though the installment of goods is the correct financial principle But if you do not know about the payment that is a little too much Like this may have to be difficult later

  1. Famous brands of coffee

Low income but high taste is a word that I ask to be honest, I see many people with low income. But prefer to eat famous brands of coffee

More than 100 baht per glass, don’t eat just one day, but eat almost every day.

Try switching to coffee that is a little cheaper. It has good taste, not losing to popular restaurants. Make you save Quite a lot

4.Clothing accessories

Many people’s workplaces may be full of clothing stores. accessories That surrounded the building, encountered a temptation

Lost, therefore having to pay money with these things Go quite a bit, an outlet for shoppers. Should limit the amount each month that you can buy clothes.

To restrain you from buying if you have to go through a clothing store, accessories

  1. Waiting

Every 16th or 1st day of each month, you have to make a few chokes in case you want to fluke it. Is the main cause

That makes us waste money very wasted. Clothes have also been worn. You can also eat coffee. Should work hard, save money, not spend money on

The fortune of the day, which is not worth it because of what we previously used.

It’s not just money, it’s our own sweat and time.

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