June 4, 2023

5 things in life if money really isn’t left Do not fall into the purchase

  1. Mobile phone If your hands are not broken, your hands are still in use, do not buy and do not swipe the card to purchase.

Just to get as much as friends

  1. No brand-name clothing really left, don’t be striving to get it. To make myself in trouble The value of a person lies in it, not always the clothes they wear. Wear brand name whole body

It has a t-shirt, jeans, flea market. Much smarter

  1. Red cars, our country is a country that has a lot of good condition. And a country that cannot be inferior He has. We must have. Out. Not able to pass a lot.

Unless Out for real use, long-term, has a business to support it.

  1. For the purpose of buying lottery tickets, playing Phan or something like that Don’t bother yourself Causing himself to fall even further By taking the money from his labor No like he’s okay

Do not make it to the mood, it is enough who will not see you. Because there is no new phone

Wear brand name clothes It’s a matter of it Is the selection of people in himself Unless The rest of you do it. Happiness one, happiness it

  1. Eat out Did you know that food is 3 times as expensive as eating your own or eating a la carte in your neighborhood? He has a lot of costs. That prepare to charge us

Whether it’s a restaurant, a restaurant, three bottles of beer, eating at home for more than a hundred baht. Go scaffolding hit by hundreds

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