June 8, 2023

5 rich people’s spending habits Can think like this, position will be stable

Have you ever wondered if Why can’t we get rich even though we are hard to save?

Or even the salary increases every year But the remaining balance in the account does not increase with the salary at all.

Indeed, wealth is not based solely on saving or rising wages. But depends on “The behavior of using money”

Because the real rich do not save their money well, but they “know how to make the most of their money”.

  1. Rich people do not indulge in entertainment. But he knows enough with the extravagant things

I have to admit that there are so many things that lust in the world today. The younger generation is often obsessed with these temptations.

Spending too much money on entertainment Follow the fashion trend

And the modernization of technology without knowing enough While the rich are known to spend their money on investing

To benefit rather than buy those luxuries.

  1. Rich people don’t buy cheap things. But he knows how to buy things that are “worth”

Who says that if they want to get rich, they have to buy only the cheap things, only the black things.

But he buys things that are “worth the price”, focusing on long-term use. More expensive, but works better.

Better than waste time Losing lots of new money for a badly used item

  1. Rich people are never satisfied with constant incomes. But he will be looking for ways to increase his income.

Even though the cash flow is not negative And have a constant income But keep in mind that inflation will gradually consume your money.

Until the remaining cubes are becoming smaller and smaller Do not be silent about your income that is still in place.

Because the rich are constantly looking for new opportunities and channels to increase their income.

  1. Rich people don’t work for their money. But he gave the money to work instead.

Most of the people are working to make money. In contrast to the rich who gave their money to work for them. That is to invest money.

Or create some benefit in order to get a return back as a cash flow Which giving money to work instead or paying all It is popular.

For example, investing in stocks, funds, real estate, investing in gold, etc.

  1. Rich people are not indifferent. But he knows how to invest in himself

The most valuable investment is not the investment. In assets worth hundreds of billions of billions, but is “self-employed”

It is the most important asset in life. The best, most valuable and most profitable investment is your own investment.

Which means education for new knowledge To myself always Whether it is knowledge within the classroom or knowledge that is in the wider world outside of textbooks.

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