June 8, 2023
4 techniques to get rid of debt The way the rich do it often

4 techniques to get rid of debt The way the rich do it often

Believe that no one will owe a debt, but if it comes up, it will feel quite troubled. When escaping is not the solution But the point is, how do we face it?

This article will take all of you to find the correct answer. Well-known about “How to get rid of credit quickly with the principles of 4 years” that are easy to do, effective for long periods of time

If anyone is currently experiencing this issue, this tip can be applied. Or if anyone has no debt, they will know that How should I cope if faced with an unexpected debt burden?

  1. “Open heart” accept the truth See what all our debts are. When you realize that you have too much debt Running away from debt will definitely not go away. And the more we ignore it, the more debt it will expand Bigger and bigger until the solution in the end

Right now, being open to the truth is the best thing to do. Start by picking out all the invoices that you previously hidden. Open and look at all items in detail. If the top is high on the ceiling After that, let’s consider how many installments we have owed in the past, how much principal and how much is the principal amount, when the payment is due in order to see what items are waiting for. Or which items need to be dealt with urgently

  1. “Close the debt” with the highest spread first. When seeing the total debt that we have all Now let’s plan the payment systematically. Separated into short-term debt Low gross debt, high annual rate, low installment payments, such as credit card debt, personal loan, etc., and long-term debt Low annual rate, but has a lot of installments such as products, houses, cars, etc.

In this case, we would like to advise you to close the short-term debt with the least total outstanding debt, the highest annual gross rate. And the minimum installment is left first in order not to degrade any higher If the first debt is successfully closed, it will be more comfortable. And feel encouraged in closing other debt balances

  1. “This year” consciously adjusted the debt settlement plan. Not creating new debt Some people are a bit impatient, so they quickly get rid of all debts and take shortcuts, whether they are borrowing from those around them. Use a cash card to open a personal loan or choose to borrow a small amount to cover old debts as quickly as possible.

Which I would like to say that none of these methods will improve the situation at all. Even if the old debt is gone But the new debt will replace it, and it is still very high as well, so please advise to calm down a bit. Then try to find a simple way to pay off debt but not create more debt. And be a burden to yourself later, such as saving the necessary expenses down Or turning high-value assets into cash to cover debt, etc.

  1. “Consult a bank” or a financial institution that is a creditor If doing everything in the way and not seeing results Contacting our creditors bank or financial institution is the best solution, telling him honestly that all the debts we cannot afford to pay in a given timeframe. But insisted that the debt would not deflect for sure We, as a debtor, do not lose history, and banks or financial institutions that are creditors want us to pay in full as well.

Therefore, both we and him have to find the middle point together. Talk about our situation, when it is convenient to pay, how much it can be paid in each installment, and what policies the bank itself has in place to help us, such as temporary mortgage payments, asking to pay only the principal before reducing the debt rate. Or refinance etc.

Because debt is something that cannot be found, but if found, you have to plan carefully. Ready to act with discipline Believe that we will definitely change from the status of debtor to people without debt. And while helping us to manage our current and future money consciously So as not to let the anxiety of debt come back again

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