June 4, 2023
4 stories of couples Look, don’t let it happen to your partner

4 stories of couples Look, don’t let it happen to your partner

Story 1

Wife spent 3 days at work and left her husband at home alone. The young man bought a lot of food and drink. Switching to the TV channel after channel, his phone suddenly rang.

Chief, I don’t know where to go. Can I go to the chief’s house?

A young subordinate called.

Hmmm, it would be inconvenient because I was about to go out on an errand.

He replied

Now I’m in front of the boss’s house.

She is still stubborn

She is a subordinate who has a heart for the boss. But many times she passed the bridge The leader is always evading. In her hand, there was plenty of food and drink, and there was still a bottle of wine waiting for the young man in front of the room.

I’ll be in the kitchen and cook for you.

No need, I’ll make the chief eat it by myself.

She rushed into the kitchen. Young men call friends To be friends But no one was free After a while The young lady yelled at him to come into the kitchen. The young woman raised the fragrant gyoza that he liked to eat, gave it to two plates, because he and his wife were very busy. Therefore do not have time to make dumplings for themselves But she just entered the kitchen just now. There were dumplings and several other appetizers. She smiled with a red face looking at him. Right now, the man’s heart was shaken, and the woman didn’t pay attention to it. He turned off his cell phone. Then pull the blinds off the window on the balcony.

At this moment, he could hear his own heart pounding fast. When the red wine is completely drank The girl told him that she was dizzy. And fell in the arms of the young man He carried her to bed. Then the door was locked. At that time, the phone in the living room rang. And his son called The young man continued to drink and watch TV, channel after channel in the living room, trying to keep his mind calm and normal.

The young lady woke up the next morning. The young man who is the leader has not slept yet. He prepared breakfast for his young men.

The boss doesn’t like me, do you?

She said

Like it

The boss is not lonely, is it?

She asked.

There are some

Chief: Are you afraid that you will cause problems?

She spoke in a high voice. So the young man took this opportunity to teach his subordinates that Living life is an obligation, like this omelet and porridge. Even though they have eaten for a few decades But we have to do it every day, eat it every day, even though sometimes I feel bored. But when did not eat Felt that something was missing The girl sat down and kept silent.

After sending the young subordinate back The young man felt relieved. Never before has love is trust and sincerity. It is something that needs care and care. If you don’t love it, you don’t easily open up your door to anyone.

Story 2

She and he loved each other for 3 years while preparing for the wedding. He mysteriously disappeared with a note saying I’m sorry, waiting for me to be more ready. I will come back and marry you. She’s going to cry. Tear that piece of paper until it is completely crushed. After two years, he returns with a luxury sports car and a full-fledged model.

But the woman she loves marries an ordinary worker. Plus one more child already The young man was very angry. Why did you marry this normal guy, why didn’t you wait for me?

The young woman looked at the old lover with a thin smile. We don’t need much, just love is enough for us. The young man stood still And understood immediately

Story 3

The young man treats his wife. His behavior is better than when they were dating as a girlfriend. At one evening party He was hit by friends They both tease and laugh at what they have been married for a long time. What will be this greasy? At the end of the sound, friends were booing with fun. He smiled and looked at his friends before the wedding.

There are many young men who flirt with her, there are many young men who want to please her, just do better with her than those boys, so she has taken over after marriage. Well, we have to do better with you. So as not to regret choosing the wrong person as your partner, just let her be the lucky one before and after marriage. When he finished speaking, the friends who had been booing at this moment Were taken with silence No one laughs Only felt praised this friend for thinking like this.

Story 4

A young man holding his wife’s hand Is it close to giving birth? Would you not have a daughter or a man? I asked if he was a son. My son and I will protect you. If you are a daughter I will protect you and your daughter. How big is the house, how luxurious you are, you only sleep on one bed, how famous brand cars Driving too fast will have to be fined anyway.

Any kind of expensive bag It is just prettier than a plastic bag, but when you use it, it cannot be compared to the plastic bag. One day she had to become an old mother-in-law, how much money was someone else’s husband? Did not fight for her husband If you love you with all your heart

Do not try to seek out things that you think are lacking. And forgot about his own fortune, remember I know I can be happy.

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