June 8, 2023

4 extravagant things That made the money go away At the end of the month, there is no rest

Many people would have a goal to collect a lump sum in order to be invested.

Or make progress in life, right? Such as buying a house, saving money, building a family

Or even saving for retirement And sometimes We wondered with ourselves how much money we saved, and we didn’t see saving any money.

In spite of trying to save money in every way Making us unable to reach the financial goals that we want

Many people say that if we want to save money, buy. Only necessary items Which is considered true

But most people can’t help but buy what we “want” as well.

Buying too much of the stuff we need makes it a “hefty” that we shouldn’t buy from the beginning, causing us to waste our money without a reason.

And it won’t save us money. It’s a good way to find these extravagant things and stop buying them.

1.Purchase of duplicate types

Often people tend to waste money on buying The items that already exist in the house, and I do this often as well. Whether it is a small item

Such as a restaurant or a kitchen item To expensive items such as jewelry, cosmetics, or shoes

The reason people buy The duplicate is because

They do not manage themselves well enough. For example, we go shopping in the supermarket.

Stock up on the things that the house lacked. But when it comes time to use that item We couldn’t find it or thought we were all out, so we went out to buy it again.

Is a waste of money for a reason Therefore, it is a good way Before going to the market or buy If you enter the house, try to check the storage including

The wardrobe, see if we have that thing or not So you don’t have to buy Entering the house again to waste money and mess the house.

  1. Buying more expensive items

At times, many people buy things that are more than the price they should be.

Because the price has not been checked with other companies before Therefore, it cannot save money.

But many people who are too stingy try to find the most valuable thing with the cheapest you.

Perhaps it could be called not worth it. Because of having to waste time looking for that shop

Which in fact Time is considered one of the most valuable things, so try to compare prices in a reasonable time.

  1. Buy, but super stuff, do not want to walk in the market.

Sometimes we feel comfortable to buy. Groceries from the supermarket rather than going to the market Because we think

Items in supermarkets that are attached to the brand are of standard quality. But sometimes

If we’re saving money We should find a cheaper alternative. By going to the market and buying Some groceries or side dishes

It may not be too bad for a time when we are saving money like this.

4.Purchase goods regardless of the various expenses

For example, a rarely used bank account maintenance fee or a clearing fee associated with services.

In which if we rarely use these services It will make us lose the annual fee for free.

Which is a luxury that we should avoid Try listing various fees that are charged.

And cancel the things that we don’t use Will save a lot of money each year

Therefore No matter how much money you spend

So let us take into account the budget we have and see if

Will it allow us to reach our financial goals? If so, then it is worth buying. Or have you invested?

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