October 3, 2022

20 ways to build a position Change the concept to be a rich person

  1. Choose a job that we like, yes, but remember that that career can actually support us or not.

If not, do not pretend to yourself because in the real world It’s not like every thought It must always be truthful.

  1. When it comes to working age Who collects money first, gets rich faster

And it is important to remember that “life without debt Life is the best. ”Of course, saving money is the ladder to becoming wealthy.

But a life without debt Is another important matter Because it gives us peace of mind in They spend more of their lives than those who have to work and earn money to pay off their debt each day It is very tiring

  1. Find your purpose in life. As soon as possible

Because it will be your guide for the rest of your life. If anyone finds his own way quickly It is like starting your own way faster than anyone else.

Therefore, the sooner you find it, the more time you have to pursue your own life goals.

  1. Buy a house before you buy a car because the house only has more value. The car has decreased in value.

The name already tells me that the car = discount, which is true because the car when purchased will only have expenses. The cost of maintenance, fuel tax, and others, but vice versa.

If you can use the car to increase your income even more That is another story.

  1. The interest of the house is very great. I quickly use it all up before I get old and I can’t pay off.

That’s because the older you get, the less likely you are to work. And generate income therefore

When he was young, he had the energy to hurry to work and pay off all of that debt as soon as possible.

  1. Saving money is just the first step towards wealth, but the next step is investing.

Because the right investment will help us get rich quickly.

And let the money do the work to collect There is definitely no way to get rich. Even if you get rich, it will take a long time.

  1. Don’t be a friend to anyone on this planet.

Because you will never know One day he might be very great. Until coming back to do the shop You can be

It is best not to build your soul. Because we do not know what the future holds

In what ways will they influence our lives? To have a good friendship for each other Probably the best

8.Connection or connection It is very important, no matter how good you are, you won’t be able to fight having a lot of friends.

Of course, being in society Must live with others

Therefore, to make yourself loved by everyone. Will help build a good relationship And others are always ready to help us. Even when we fall

  1. There should be more than one job, because stability has never been in this world.

We may think that the regular work that we are doing It’s the most stable But who knows the future if he leaves us or the company closes so suddenly?

Income should be obtained in several ways that do not affect the main job, so that at least we have reserve income from other jobs.

If one day the main job can not generate income for us then

  1. Don’t think that you can only do anything.

Because the ability of a person is always more than 1

That is because people are not born to do one thing, but do many things. We want to do and try our best to be.

  1. Whenever an opportunity comes in, do not deny it. It will fail, but it is an experience.

Because opportunities do not come in often, do not let the opportunity vanish for the benefit.

  1. Build yourself as quickly as possible. While you still have strength

Because of struggling with various problems Not fun

The older you get, your stamina declines. So you should do it When there is still strength to fight

  1. I traveled when I was young because when I had a family. Traveling will be more busy.

When he was young, he didn’t have much concern. If there is an opportunity, it is wise to hurry. Because if reaching the age of building a family

Where to go each time Will be a very big deal

  1. Choose a life partner. Think carefully, not only his merits. But have to look at that We can accept How much of his

Looking at his merits Will make us accept the claim Not his When a long time goes to last

Had to go in different directions Therefore, you should study the risks of each other first, whether they are acceptable or not.

  1. Having a girlfriend or husband and wife can still break up. But parenthood cannot be broken up.

Therefore, take good care of them. We do not have time to be with our parents, both our lives and our parents.

Can’t wait for us all our lives When there is an opportunity to be with you, do so quickly.

  1. How many successes are there? Cannot replace the family’s failure

Family is like a great encouragement. To push the people in it to have power And fight with life goals

Therefore, you should keep your family happy.

  1. Try to find time to spare. You don’t have to do anything. Do not carry the whole world by one person and another.

Work is not everything in life. Should find time for the body.

And can rest without thinking

  1. Health is a very important issue. Please cherish yourself a lot.

When you are a teenager, don’t take your life too hard. As in the olden days, the absence of an arch was a great fortune.

Don’t just work To raise money to keep old ones

Last two Take it to teach your children.

  1. Do not have to study too hard. Because in real life they measure each other on the work, not the grade

Which did not say that You don’t have to concentrate on studying, just make it fun to learn, not too stressful about it.

Because in the end Successful people in life Not just a measure of smoothness.

Rather, it is a person who maintains a good balance in every aspect of life, whether it be family, work, financial, health, relationships with those around him.

  1. Doing activities in the university fence is very important.

As well as concentrating on the front of the textbook because we

Will get to know a lot of people Is creating connections in the future

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