June 8, 2023
20 good things about being single in 30+

20 good things about being single in 30+

I’m 34 years old now, and more importantly, I’m single. But I’m not afraid to spread the word to the world.

I never saw myself as an old lady and was bored when my friends and family.

And my colleagues pity me why?

My life is good now. I don’t care not having children. I know what I want and what I don’t.

I’m not an innocent 20-year-old, albeit the only single woman at the wedding.

But most of the time I’m happy in my 30s.

Don’t believe it? So here are 20 benefits of being single in your 30+.

  1. You have financial freedom.

Don’t buy anything, you can buy it if it makes you happy.

Go surfing in Costa Rica in January for a week?

Go for it! Or do not go on a bicycle There are beautiful places around the island..would be comfortable.

2.You will feel more confident than yourself in your 20s.

And how to avoid childlike love

  1. You can travel at any time.

Because there is only one of your tables that need to be considered.

  1. You can drive any brand of car as you like.
  2. You can sleep and relax for beauty.
  3. You can wear good characters either in your house or in your car.
  4. The channel switching power is yours alone.
  5. Eat anything you want At dinner
  6. If you buy food or drinks, alcohol hall ..

It means that it is your only meal after work.

  1. You are solely responsible for your own laundry.
  2. You don’t have to worry about being friends with friends.

Of other people or friends, friends, something like that

  1. You can celebrate with your family throughout the festival.

Without having to share time with other people

  1. You can always do what you want.

And don’t have to call other people as well

  1. Married friends cannot pressure you to have children along with them.
  2. You can lie with your arms and legs spread out.

And can hold a blanket and mosquito net to himself alone

  1. Married friends are more likely to try out for you.
  2. Your bag will not be full of toys.

Paper napkins and baby food

  1. When you have to leave

You will only be concerned with your belongings.

  1. You don’t have to worry about losing it.
  2. You can decorate your house as you like.

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