June 4, 2023

15 behaviors rich people won’t choose to do Because it causes the financial situation to deteriorate

Many people have behaviors that They focus on their own identity and well-being, both intentionally and deliberately. Such behavior

It arises from the response to both internal and external stimuli of people. One of the key factors in the poor quality of life for people

It is the financial deterioration that can occur both in the self and external factors.

That makes a person go back and forth even more, a person does not turn out to be a poor person And it is a matter that rich people do not do

  1. Too much TV watching Is that we waste time wasting on TV shows that do not make a point. Or not giving anything to life

Like gossip and gossip about celebrities or celebrities, so we should look at the stories that we really enjoy. Many people watch TV because they want to pass the time.

We should use the Internet to benefit from information searching. Then go find something to do that will benefit your life would be better.

  1. I like to eat and eat useless. Many people like to run into a fast-food or high-fat meal, which is rich in sugar and fat.

Rather than taking into account the nutritional value of the food

  1. I like to buy clothes or products when they are on sale. A lot of people like to buy things like the clothes that are sold at a discount, which are not always available. Get it for full price

But is it better? If you will first ask yourself You really need it

It wasn’t because of the falling price, but it was piled up in the closet and never picked up and put on it.

  1. Likes to wake up late This case spits poisoning for office workers who go to work in the morning, many people like to let their time pass through the night without creating any value in their lives.

When we let ourselves get tired at night, we won’t have the energy to wake up in the morning.

This makes the work less focused and even cooler than the end of the job. Get home, sleep late and your life is on the loop.

5.Stick to watch sports. Many people watch it for entertainment. Uncomfortable

But following every sport match Stuck in the sports screen all the time.

Without improving my life Is considered a useless activity

  1. I don’t like to shower often * (This is an exception for Thai people. Because Thailand is a hot country Make people bathe every day as usual) * But for foreigners, most areas are cold to very cold.

It makes sense that taking a bath makes the difference between the rich and the poor.

Because it reflects good personal health. And they’re more likely to get people to approach you than people who don’t take a bath.

  1. A person who likes to grumble and criticize others who cause him or her to blame their fate for others or something else. These behaviors may not resolve the problem you are facing.

In reality, we should be mindful and focus on the problem.

In order to study and find a solution to the problem and prevent it from happening again.

  1. There is no savings, lack of savings. The clear difference between the rich and the poor is their savings.

People who do not have the money to save up to spare when life is faced with the cost of money.

Rich people can use their savings to solve problems. But if you don’t have the money, save it.

How do you fix it You have to sell the house, sell the car, borrow money to solve the problem. This is one more reason why the rich are richer. While the poor became even more poor.

  1. I like to use credit card and borrow to useless things. The main simple thing we have to remember is borrowing to buy. Some things that incur debt rather than generate income.

We shouldn’t do it. You should be able to use your credit card for whatever you think is an investment. Do not use a loan just to buy For a large TV or to buy a new phone to keep up with the modern era.

You have to be sure that your spending Bring income that will increase Therefore gradually devouring money for that purpose

  1. Having more children and having children at the beginning of life Not family planning The fact that you have to accept is That child comes with huge expenses.

If you do not have an abundance of wealth, it is necessary to have a good family planning.

  1. Not doing regular health checks if we neglect it for reasons of neglect. Or think that he is already in good health We will not be able to prevent damage that may happen to us.

Discovering that we have serious symptoms at the beginning

It will allow us to spend for the car at a price that is not as high as it was when the group reached the end of the day, or perhaps it was too late for you to buy.

  1. Love to spend money before you get the money. This issue is just as dangerous as if you borrowed him first. Or spend it before you can afford it.

This makes your financial situation even worse.

  1. Like dating people, it has been found that we will be the average of five people around us.

If four other poor people are around you You will become the fifth poor person.

You need to surround yourself with people who inspire you and drive you to do the impossible.

Most of the time, successful people in life can motivate us. Than people who are stuck in trouble

Blaming fate and refusing to find a way out Don’t be afraid to stay away from harsh environments. You should push yourself to a better life.

  1. Can only think with a plan and not be able to break through the barrier of one’s potential You cannot choose your biological parents. You cannot force society to treat you in any way.

But what you can control is the time when you can devote yourself to making your dreams a reality.Everyone has the same 24 hours.

But anyone who is more dedicated or devoted to what he wants or dreams can be more successful.

  1. People who believe that others can reach out to them to be more successful than themselves. The fact is We have to learn all the time.

Learn to adapt Learn to understand that no one can solve problems for anyone as good as himself.

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