June 8, 2023

12 ways to have a good financial position For the future of us and our children

  1. Known to allocate income when income has been received. Allocate spending Save and invest 10% – 30% left.
  2. Record income and expenditures. Recordings will let us know that What do we spend? And which items can reduce expenses In order to have more money left and be used to save more
  3. Have a backup account, this account is considered IMPORTANT – Just in case you want to take it, you should prepare 3-6 times the monthly cost
  4. Keep savings regularly. Savings discipline is important. When income comes in Should be saved first The rest will be used to spend. Saving on a regular basis every month
  5. Have financial goals. Setting financial goals Will let us know how much to save To be able to have the money according to the goals set, including short-term, medium-term, long-term, whether it is scholarship planning, retirement plan.
  6. Do not create unnecessary debts. Debts are sparingly necessary, considering the ability to pay. And the discharge of all debts before retirement
  7. Always take care of the health of the body, take care of the health, regularly exercise. Get enough rest and pay attention to nutritional meals for good health, because if there is a problem with the health, it will have an impact on work, expenses, medical expenses. Therefore, health care is another important thing.
  8. Study for knowledge about finance. The fact that we have financial knowledge It will help us to have a good money management system. Have a good financial planning. Including following up on the news about finance, business, economy so that we can be aware of the financial situation. Which may affect us And we will be able to prepare in a timely manner
  9. Know how to protect yourself. Don’t live on recklessness. Regarding the prevention of worries, it should be taken into account, whether it is life protection, health and safety, because if an unexpected event occurs. Will be able to reduce the damage

10.Know the investment Increase wealth In the present day If you do not know the investment In order to bring the money that has been added to the balance Considered to lose a lot of reward opportunities ever Because bank deposit Not as much of a return as in the past The current return on deposits has not yet been able to beat the inflation rate at all.

  1. There are more than one income channel when there are many expenditures. Having a one-way income is considered to have a different kind of income. Because if the main income has a problem, it must be stumbled and stopped without having to support another income. Finding additional income channels Is also important

12.Tax planning In order to correctly and completely use the right of reduction in order to save the money paid in taxes Able to bring tax-saving money as additional savings

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