June 4, 2023
11 wrong habits, values That makes you not rich. Stop it

11 wrong habits, values That makes you not rich. Stop it

Most people think that there are only 3 key factors that make a person rich or not.

Is funding, knowledge and opportunity

But actually, even more important is that person’s “habits and lifestyle”. In the financial sphere it is found that the main reason why people are not rich

Not being wealthy is the result of wrong lifestyle behaviors or values. Which need to give up and change to pay first And there are 11 of these bad habits:

  1. Big and extravagant face

Like taking time to travel Recreation and spending more than the rich model, in fact, it is not lazy to do this.

If there is a lot of money and do it seldom, but the problem is people who do it often. Rather not a rich person like that

  1. Fear and dislike change.

Most people think that it is now good.

Therefore prefer to stand still And do not strive to learn more to cope with any change To happen in life

  1. Not being diligent and lazy.

Likes to spend time without value. By forgetting that the time in one’s life is very limited When working, I want to have free time.

But I never thought of using that free time to benefit my own life.

  1. I have a lot of children

Many listeners may not believe that having just one child can make the poor for up to 20 years. Should not think of having children

And should have children, but only good enough Except for a stable position or really having money left

  1. I like to buy expensive fashion items.

For example, buying a car, mobile phone, tablet and notebook is unwise, for example, choosing a specification. Just to show off or to raise each other, even though these assets have lost immediately since purchase.

And the longer you hold it, it will become obsolete and depreciate If you try to change the value of using a luxury car to become an eco-car instead, while mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. Choose to use in specifications that are suitable for use and followed by brands.

Just as this will make the savings increase to a hundred thousand.

  1. I like to borrow money to pay for things that are not useful.

Young people today have wrong values. Ie borrowing money for luxury shopping or shopping

Some people recovered to travel. This causes unnecessary expenses and increases the chance of borrowing down as well.

  1. Popular to rent a house instead of buying

If you stop renting and buy a house instead, the sooner you do it, the better. Because in addition to saving rent Can also be brought to the renters who generate income as well

Installment interest Can be used as a tax deduction of 100,000 baht per year, most importantly, the house holds for a long time. Can still add value

It is also a good compulsory savings that allows people to save money.

  1. Likes to hold assets that are not useful.

Most of them are expensive luxury collectibles. That can be used only for personal appreciation Responding to one’s own preferences is important

Such as bags, perfumes and expensive brand shoes, etc. Keep in mind that these things are only appropriate when you are rich.

  1. I never thought of saving and seeking more knowledge in my head.

Please keep in mind that without savings, without knowledge, no investment will occur. That equates to implicitly turning off the wealthy opportunity.

However, when most people earn money, the first thing they think about is how to spend it. Actually, the first thing to think about is saving.

  1. It’s not smart about paying for things. Like to buy things at full price

And some face does not like to bargain If you try to switch to cheap shopping in the mall Market or street instead, for example, buying a flea market for 100 baht per piece.

If negotiable, 20 baht equals to reduce expenses by up to 20% if combined a lot. The whole month will reduce the cost by seeing the meat quite clearly.

  1. Likes people to borrow money.

Most often this is the result of bragging about the money. Always be aware that money is rare. It must be used effectively and carefully.

However, I have to use money to help build stability. Wealth for himself already Therefore it is not wise to lend easily. Without any collateral

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