June 8, 2023
10 steps to building yourself from poor to rich (Let’s try it out)

10 steps to building yourself from poor to rich (Let’s try it out)

Step 1: I quit staying in comfort and went out to look for some difficulties. Just the first step should be tough, because many people love the comfort. Who will have enough money and not use it? Simple things that people do The funnel likes to work comfortably. That’s because it’s ‘safe’. Many people think that working comfortably is a pleasure. Rich people think that all work challenges are happiness!

Doing new things that we have never done is risky, but little risk will help us make wealth. And get more rewards than before, try stepping out of the safe zone And look for every possibility It can be a little tough if you’re not wealthy or sometimes fail, but that’s awesome. Because if you have never failed, you haven’t tried enough.

Step 2: Make more money and you Cost origin Think about it, if you earn 1 million baht per year, what will you use it for? Buy a car? Go on a trip? Many rich people do not spend their money on things that do not create added value. They often invest in ‘assets’ that will increase their income. And control expenses to be lower than income

Many people choose to use their old cars and not buy new ones even if they have the money to buy them. Remember that if you have additional income but additional expenses follow That is Mr. Tang!

Step 3. Do not climb the ladder, but take ownership of the ladder. Many people work for promotion because they believe they will earn more. But the rich will own the business, which makes them the owners ‘jobs’. They own the ladders that the people do.

Working till his head spin to climb the floor, the rich understand that they need more people to work to help them make more money.

Step 4: Choose the right friendliness We often hear that Rich people often associate with the rich. That’s not an exaggeration. They believe that in a group of successful people they can learn and share things and one day success will be his.

But people like funnel like to be among the less successful people too. If you don’t make more money, try going out with someone who has more income than yourself. This will allow us to change our thinking to be the same as that of successful people. Remember, “If you are rich, you have to think like a rich person”.

Step 5: Work towards building skills. Many people change jobs because they want better money. But the wealthy know that working isn’t just about money, especially in the early years of their career. Rather, it is developing skills that will help us become rich, such as being a salesperson to understand the world of commerce. Or being a bank employee in order to understand accounting work

If you’re going to be a rich person, you have to work to learn the skills that will make you rich. We can say that rich people are not rich because they only earn a lot.

Step 6: It’s better to collect money than to collect things like cones. Many people collect houses or cars. But the rich are different. They believe that if What they want is not these things. But it is money. The more things you shop, the more money you will be wasted on your stuff.

Stop shopping and focus on saving, saving and investing your money. But if you are a shopper goddess So he started shopping for assets, took an interest in investing, and started stocking up in a business instead of buying shoes or clothes instead.

The 7th step focuses on earning more money than saving. Saving is important And investment is more important But earning money causes both, many people think that just saving and investing is enough. But to achieve our ultimate goal, we have to earn more.

Rich people understand this point and make a way to earn more money. If the funnel really is, focus on earning more. Not just saving or investing

Step 8: Emotion: The biggest enemy of investing, the rich and the cones, the difference is that people who don’t spend money because of their emotions. But rich people spend their money because investment is to control their emotions. Because emotions cause us to buy expensive things

And selling cheap things and making emotions failing the business So let go of your emotions and spend your money for a reasonable reason.

Step 9: Go for bigger goals and take action. Sometimes people like cones have goals, but the size of the goal makes the rich and younger. Different cones, people do not make a goal that is safe and easy to do. But will the rich to make goals out of their will, even though it’s impossible? From being out of the world But they learned to find a way And take action to achieve your goals.

Ask yourself if the goal is still bigger or not. Ask yourself if you can or can do more, but we think you can do more. And more importantly, don’t forget to do it, because if you don’t do it, it’s just ‘fantasizing’.

Step 10: spread the work to create a rich way Hard work is a must for all of us and if you do not reach the top (Whatever that is), you have to work. The problem is that working hard alone will hardly make you rich. You cannot be rich alone.

You have to rely on the distribution of work, from outsourcing to investment. The more you spread the work The more time you have to focus on what matters. Either in business or in your own life, some of these ladders are very advanced, but others are just small steps. But the important thing is, “If you are a rich person, think like a rich person. And do it like the rich do. ”Let’s try to adapt it to fit in with their own development of life.

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