June 8, 2023

10 different ideas Of the poor – the rich (Very different)

I read a book. About 10 outstanding differences between the rich and the poor. And saw that there was enough truth From my observation Therefore, I would like to bring

In order to know which side we are in society And what must be done in order to move from the poor and the middle to the rich?

  1. Rich people like to ask positive questions. And encouraging

The poor and the middle class I like to ask negative questions. And undermine encouragement. Rich people tend to think that

How can I make double the money this year ?,

What are some hidden opportunities in this crisis? Etc.

While the poor and the middle class tend to think that Why do bad things happen to me too, the chances of people are not equal. It is because I was born until etc.

  1. Rich people talk about ideas.

The middle class talks about things, the poor talk about other people. Rich people don’t talk about things or other people. But means that

Rich people talk less about other people than poor people, and tend to have more good ideas or different perspectives than the middle class and poor.

They tend to be more creative than the poor, who tend to be “gossip” constantly, while the middle class may be more focused on their full-time job. Likes to talk about cars, music, recreation, etc.

  1. Rich people take risks (That has been considered and pondered well)

The poor and the middle class Fear of taking risks This is a habit that is most vulnerable. Of the poor and the middle class In my opinion People who do not accept the risks at all Often failing to get a good return altogether, people who take the risk (That has been studied – analyzed Come as well)

Will be able to generate good returns where the actual risk is minimal. The most obvious example is that most middle class people are afraid to invest in stocks. Or financial instruments with price fluctuations

Without trying to study In the long run, it may be more cost-effective than bank deposits. People who dare to take risks like “reckless”, such as people who play stock day by day. It’s not a habit of the rich, the rich have to be at risk. Only that have been thoroughly scrutinized

  1. Rich people accept change.

The poor and the middle class Resist change, the middle class felt Change will threaten the lives that you are used to. While the rich think

Change may bring a better life, he thinks. There is often a chance that he might be able to grab it behind the scenes this habit might come from.

The rich have a higher confidence than the middle class, who are afraid that they will not be able to adjust to new things.

  1. Rich people think long

The middle class, Kidston, The poor, the Poor, the Poor, the poor tend to think day to day. Melody The middle class usually thinks month by month. That is, miss payday

But the rich must think for years or even tens of years in the hearts of the poor. He always thinks only about survival. While the middle class Thinking about the joy of shopping As for the rich Their goals are clear. He wants financial independence, long thinking has tremendous power.

Because it will make him save and invest in the long term. This will allow money to grow compound for a long time, and this is the most important formula in order to make people wealthy.

  1. Rich people learn and grow throughout their lives.

The poor and the middle class I think that learning is over at school, this habit of learning continues, I think it is really the heart of a millionaire because in my own feelings. Learning from school

It is just a basis that we can study on our own. And the time after studying in the school was very long for many decades. Much of this knowledge should come after we graduate from school.

With this implication, rich people should have a habit of reading. Or to continue to continue learning while the middle class has graduated Often not interested in reading or seeking new knowledge

And knowledge that I think the poor and the middle class have missed Because there is no teaching in school Is financial knowledge that the rich tend to pursue. Because he sees the importance And may lead to wealth

  1. Rich people work for profit.

The poor and the middle class Work to get wages, the rich see This is the way to get richer. Even if there is a risk While middle class people tend to dare not take risks.

And maybe less creative, so focus on finding a paid job. But income from their own labor Few people will get rich.

8 rich people believe They must be philanthropic.

The poor and the middle class think They do not have the wisdom to make this merit, I would not have any opinion. I am not sure. Because this is a story for each person who rarely tells or knows each other.

Unless it’s a big donation like Buffett or Billet.

9 Rich people have multiple income sources.

The poor and the middle class There is only one or two sources, and so is this. I am not sure if the rich have income from many sources. Because he is rich, therefore investing in many assets

Or having many assets that make it rich But what I can see clearly is The middle class usually doesn’t invest in risky assets. Thus, the income is usually mainly derived from the salary.

10 rich people focus on the increase in wealth

The poor and the middle class Emphasis on salary increase, the goal of the rich is How much he has increased his wealth. By looking at the overall picture

So if he has stocks Increasing value of stocks He has increased his wealth. He doesn’t have to pay taxes, but the middle class tries to work to get a higher salary. But he may have forgotten that He will also have to pay more taxes.

In conclusion, rich people focus on investing, using their money to work for themselves. Middle class people focus on their own labor.

And that is 10 differences between the rich, the poor and the middle class. That someone has noted Which I believe most likely to be true Some rich people have qualities that are middle class. And many middle class people have rich habits. But if we want to be rich I think sticking to the habits of the rich Should give us more opportunities

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