June 4, 2023

Try this method From where the money cannot be kept..1 year has passed, almost half a hundred thousand

Saving money is a big problem for many. Some people are starting to save money.

But after a while, all of them took out and used At the end of the year, there is no money left to be able to caress for a year. Today we have experience from people who never keep the money.

But using this method for 1 year, there are tens of thousands of baht savings.

Which last year Use the method of keeping only the bank 50 by collecting at least 50 baht per day, but this method creates difficulty in life.

Because some days you get change as a bank of 50, not less than 3 tickets

This year has changed a new plan to collect money.

Is to determine the amount each month How much to keep

Which we set to collect 2,000 per month Baht and if in which month is not collected Will be added

As for which month is too much It is considered a profit of 2,000 x 12 months.

At the end of the year we will have approximately 24,000 baht savings.

Most of them will be collected in excess every month. This year we have a savings of 27,900 baht.

Combined with coins 5 and 10 baht, another 4,000 baht does not include the 1 baht coin because it is not counted.

The total amount is 31,900 baht that can be collected in 1 year.

Tips for saving money to stay

  1. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Let’s calculate that Each day we spend money on what.

And there are things that do not need to be purchased, then reduce the cost of that part, for example, buying a cup of coffee, it may be changed to buy a sachet for brewing or cooking more for yourself.

Reduce eating out less. Will help save And still have a lot more money left to collect

2.Beat yourself It is called the most extreme thing in saving money. Because most problems are not able to save money

Because he cannot win his own heart Enough to be able to keep, it is weak in every way Therefore, discipline must be created to make savings happen to yourself.

When you get used to becoming a habit We will save money more easily. And didn’t feel that it was tough anymore

  1. Carry less cash with you. If you are a person who has how much you spend, it means that you have more or less money.

You will use it all up. Try changing to press the money little by little. And scheduled to be used on a weekly basis And force yourself

Use this money to stay up to a week. Reduce the use of your own money. Then will give us more savings

  1. Set goals for collecting money. Creating a goal to save money for yourself It will help us see the results in shape.

For example, save money for buying a house, buying a car, buying a condo, or going to travel abroad. When there is a clear goal Will give us more determination to accomplish

  1. Increase the decision time before buying If someone who has time to see what is great and buy immediately, try to switch to giving yourself more time.

Maybe try to go back and decide for a week and see if we don’t buy the item, we can still live a normal life or not.

Is it difficult to live life? If still able to live a normal life Shows that it is not that necessary

Because many of the items that we buy sometimes haven’t been used yet. But just because of the anxiety that makes us pay To get it But don’t use it That is because we made decisions too quickly.

Anyone can do it.

It is that who can have more determination and discipline than that. To collect more or less is not the point.

Just starting to do it is a good starting point. Next is the consistency in the collection.

May everyone be able to win their own hearts with their own gala. Then you will surely have money to save

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