June 8, 2023

4 ways of thinking of a millionaire You don’t need to be rich, you can think like him

Have you ever wondered why there are fewer rich people than poor? And the rich keep getting rich because he has a different way of thinking that makes him rich.

That way of thinking affects daily life. Have you ever wondered why rich people do things less like us?

That’s because they’ve already discovered the principle of thinking like the rich. Which is something that is not taught in schools It’s a secret that’s the reason

Why are rich people only 1% of the world’s population? Here are 4 principles of how rich people think. Want to be rich, have to think like this

  1. Rich people focus on developing their strengths. More than fill the weakness.

This means that people should be very good in one area and try to find their own strengths.

Find yourself and do your best. We don’t need to be good at everything. Only real good in one aspect can be living until the end.

Artist, singer, superstar Singing out to a heavy concert only as a teenager. But have to eat and use until retirement

Fiction writer Intentionally dedicated to writing only one popular story Can earn a living all his life, British fiction writer J.K. Rowling

The author of Harry Potter earned $ 20 billion from her single novel.

  1. Make more money than finding ways to save Or saving money

One truth is No rich man is rich from saving money.

For all wealth is created by investment and effort and time spent.

But it does not mean that money is spent on a luxury expenditure that there is no money left to invest. It is true that most wealthy people have a thrifty habit.

That’s because they always think The money that he saves can be used to generate income.

Saving is important, but keep in mind that the seeds stored in the bags never grow.

Don’t expect to get rich by depositing money in a savings account, bank deposits can never beat inflation.

Because the inflation rate is about 3% per year, while the interest on deposits is less than 1%. Just deposited in the bank.

Without willing to invest You are finally down. Do not be bothered by saving until you are afraid to invest

Always ask yourself What benefits do this saving cost us? That may happen in the future if the investment is successful

Anything that can improve our lives do not regret, such as paying for Corse, learning to gain knowledge, training professional skills.

Dedicate personal time spent on entertainment, earn extra income if the cost of Cores is just a few hundred baht.

But if practicing and can generate an additional income of ten thousand baht per month Will you still regret your money?

Bangkok Vocational Training Center opens the course for teaching mobile phone repair, Thai massage, cooking, dessert, beauty, etc.

If you practice, you do well. To make people like it, it may become the main occupation instead of the current occupation.

Often times, saving is a disadvantage, such as walking to buy for 1 hour by chasing prices across the market. To save only 20 baht

Not at all escort for 1 hour, you can take it to read more books to learn more. Some people spend all day comparing prices to buy Cheaper than just a few ten baht

What we pay attention to will always be enlarged. If we focus on not letting the money go away, the money will disappear. That was lost because there was no time to make more money

Focus on getting a leak has a leak. Focus on the door, get the door. Always looking for a way to not let the money slip The money is even more slipped.

Because they think only the word is lost until bad, no debt, saving… but rich people will only think of the word for investment, grow, get rich, cool, wealthy opportunities.

So rich people don’t focus on money. But focus on the work, the words in different words make different lives.

Do not want to be extravagant, focus on finding rather than speculating on the money. The account is almost broken.

No millionaires are wealthy from saving money.

But he was rich by generating additional income.

No millionaires get rich from easy work.

But he was rich from hard work.

No millionaires get rich from hard work.

But he was rich by smart work.

There were no rich people from the workforce.

But he got rich from spreading ideas

  1. Time is a treasure. Do not use extravagant

Rich people do not waste their time on nonsense. Breezy. Follow the news of the country to adjust to modern.

But do not care about the villagers too much Or keep looking for entertainment until forgetting to develop yourself

Time is a treasure. Don’t waste time without getting anything back, but don’t laugh until you don’t rest. Because of adequate rest

As required by the body, it is also a very worthwhile use of time if the health is broken.

Because lack of rest and cannot continue working Do not waste time pressing your phone asleep, pass enough, worth every minute.

  1. Rich people reject good enough to say yes.

It means that one should refuse. If someone asks you to do something that is not in our goal, we should refuse it.

Saying no to someone else is sometimes just agreeing with yourself. Thai people have a fearful nature, making it difficult for people to look forward to benefits.

Can’t deny Life is hard, of course! If we have a clear goal

It becomes easier to reject anything that is beyond our goal. If someone persuades to sell something

And then poured out to invest all too Without analyzing whether it meets our goals or leaving the network somewhat

It may cause us to lose focus until we do not reach the goal. If you do well Don’t do that for free for anyone.

For example, often having close relatives and friends, ask them to do it for free once you’ve given them one free time.

The next time you will be charged, it will be difficult. Everything has a cost People who aren’t doing the same job as you, they don’t understand what you need to invest in.

Kindness is available to each other. But have to give in moderation and be generous with kindness Otherwise you will be taken advantage of.

Time and ability It is an invaluable cost. To put myself in that 1%

You just have to change your mindset like a rich person first.

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