June 8, 2023

15 Truths “money” must be known .. If you understand. You will begin to have it

1 Wealth should have precedence

By the behavior of most of the Thai people Prefers to be stable before wealth

Thai people like things that are comfortable, pay for themselves first, because they think that this is the reward of hard work.

Such as buying a new mobile phone home, a luxury car, buying expensive items, or even choosing to pay comfortably without interest.

To give oneself a treasure, items that sometimes do not add value for themselves

I do not say that it is wrong if money management is known. But some people choose not to.

Save money first For wealth creation Then there should be the freedom to purchase security later

2 “Money is outside, it can never be new.” It is half right.

Everything costs money to drive every activity of life. Money is as important and necessary as the mechanism of the ever-intense capitalist world.

If, but must understand, know how to use and know how to save money To suit the age of life And know yourself well Don’t let your money use us instead.

And become a place of money unaware, while having to know how to use the money to work for us as well. To be able to deal with inflation or support

“Tuchuk Chen” of life that will not come into any day of life. Finance matters can be learned all the time.

Or turn away from financial problems Just because of the pretext that You have never learned it before. Let it meet destiny

Or the company that has been created, do not forget that the debt must be used if you do not use the person behind you, you will have to pay

3 Savings are an important “upstream” that cannot be lacking at all.

For having wealth in the future. Savings are made possible by having “discipline” on a regular basis.

With the behavior of money, that is to say, spending the necessary money Know how to save Not wasteful, paying like Stupid in various matters

Which these things have to be habitual When having savings, then continue to invest, resulting in the birthing of savings.

And bring the money Continue to invest to continue to accumulate wealth.

4 we need money For the expenditure of living necessities

And we should find a way to get it right, not hurt or annoy other people. But money by itself is “worthless”

It is an assumption of value in exchange for other things. Value of money occurs only when we use it in exchange for other things. This is very important.

It’s because many people don’t understand how much they really want it. Therefore, it should be viewed that

Money is a tool to get what you want (in the good), but not the goal by itself.

Because if looking at money as a big goal in life You’ll do the most everything you can. And was never enough

5 Borrowing is the main cause of discrepancies between friends, lovers, family, siblings.

Borrowing money should really be the last resort when it comes to a dead end. Which must be responsible for Debt incurred by oneself to an acquaintance

Borrowing money with close people often proves each other’s hearts. Between lenders With the borrower

Which most people do not want to talk about I do not want anyone to borrow. But sometimes too Role in society

Make it necessary to lend, so all borrowers, please don’t hurt your own credibility. With late payment

Or by paying the debt, if not, will be paid Or to postpone the payment

Please inform the owner of the money as well as to the reason. To give myself credit

For this, which is related to friendship with each other. This is very important.

6 for finance of working people

Which still has work to do And able to earn money, do not underestimate the savings in the money of life.

No one knows in advance what will happen. Generally, there should be spare savings for Monthly expenses 6 – 10 months in advance Keep it first

And have cash flow reserve and cash flow ready to use for yourself each month Each month obtained

Save 10% first, then how much is left? Gradually spend according to the power that is available You can do this every month. Life will be happy

If there is a higher salary You can save more and more, the better. Do not expect that the government will come to support the old age.

Give up sweet dreams, because social security funds are definitely not the last answer for workers.

And one of the most important, but largely ignored, is life preservation or peace in order to prevent future woes.

Many people work hard. Focus on investing, forgetting to pay attention to health and industry, which is unpredictable.

The destination pays the money that is paid for, so life is important, don’t forget.

7 As soon as the child becomes aware of addition and subtraction as a parent, immediately teach them simple finance.

You don’t have to wait to become an adult. Teach them how to save money, value of money Thrifty since childhood

Into a habit like waiting to be a teenager first and then teaching Because they may not be able to keep up with the child’s spending behavior

And in teaching these things in the future

8 people generally have a legitimate tax break And most of the methods are legal.

Such as the purchase of funds to reduce the tax.

Even large corporations or corporations tend to use some of the money to help with charities in order to get a tax deduction.

Which did not say that it was wrong But it is the correct process for reducing tax payments.

Thai people do not know often do not understand. And never find out why Have to pay high taxes every year.

9 The teaching system on finance and saving of Thai education is not there and there is no sign. Will be included in the Thai education system

Although it is an important part of Thai children and the future of the Thai people.

Surprisingly, Thai children had to grow up in the past. By learning about finance by himself as an adult

And sometimes just can’t keep up with the situation Because some people have negative financial debt and are almost bankrupt.

Can’t do anything next Because he just came to understand when he was an adult And it takes time to finish the debt management.

Why Thai education does not include these things in the lessons to teach our children.

Growing up with financial literacy Not just studying accounting alone

  1. Credit cards are financial instruments of acquaintances, using them to become a good practice of managing money.

But for people who do not know the use of credit cards It will become the year that the servants immediately become “making interest”.

Because the interest will be a badge that sticks to the person until the debt is fully spent.

It may scare some credit card users and extend their “credit card” for a long time, and some even deduct or cut their credit card completely.

So as not to have a chance to use it again That may not be a good solution.

Because as I said If using credit card correctly It will become a good financial “tool”.

11 Thai financial institutions There is always an advantageous condition with the customer.

By specifying a contract, rather just getting a little bit to make Customers using services that do not understand the “financial language” stated in the contract are at a disadvantage.

Causing trouble time Therefore, before entering into a purchase contract, applying for a loan, or entering into a mortgage contract.

Even doing credit cards with financial institutions everywhere. Always read and understand the terms well.

Do not be careless because you will be hit by the conditions that say “We reserve the right to change the conditions without prior notice”.

Or the conditions are as specified by the bank Or even a message indicating that the signatory to acknowledge

And to comply with the conditions of the contract in all respects, be careful

12 the value of money keeps falling, inflation is real

Even if you can’t see with your eyes But can always be touched by every age, no need to find out why Or how to prevent The only way is

Overcome inflation by investing And saving money, keep a reserve for “Chuk Chin” enough, the cost of living in the future is definitely higher.

Observed from the price of rice and curry today, the price is 20-30 baht, hardly available. Or even everything when it goes up

It raised the panel for energy costs, transportation costs, tolls, freight charges, paper prices, raw material prices.

13 for big debts That many people have And want to get off debt But did not dare to face the truth of life

The first step, if you really want to get rid of debt, be courageous to accept the truth. And list all liabilities

(I reiterate that all of them and enumerate the details as much as possible. In order to see the overall picture of the liability you have)

And rank which ones to pay first, in order of importance Negotiate creditors

Refinance or to sell existing items such as cars, gold, collectibles, anything that I have.

And then cut off the money to pay off the debt, having to cut off to reduce the interest burden

Then try to find additional income channels. And do not add more debt from the existing which is important

Do not use cash from credit card to cover the original debt.

It will increase the debt burden and more difficult to manage. Must have absolute discipline with yourself.

14 financial institutions today, both formal and informal Encourage Thai people to create more debt in many ways.

Especially the debt for credit card consumption and money through goods, especially 0% (I don’t say bad. It depends more on the people using the credit. How discipline is)

It must be understood that these liabilities will not help people earn extra income or have the ability to pay off their debts in the future. Credit card can be via mobile phone.

Fitness membership fee Tuition fees through gold through anything that It can be spent for almost everything.

The debt problem of the public sector arises from the Thai people do not understand money.

And these problems are the main source of the problem of persistence and threat to weaken Thai society.

15 before investing anything Especially financial matters Most important is Invest in yourself

In acquiring knowledge Having enough money and all around before doing anything with our “savings”.

Don’t follow the flow Do not let greed Take over Causing the lack of investment consideration

And the promotion of their own savings, so if you do not know, find a book to read to attend the training.

Ask the knowledgeable experts, find out from the Internet, do everything to yourself, have the knowledge to the level that Will see a wide picture to see that

How should you invest in your own lifestyle as much as possible and your financial life will be happy?

Hope that all 15 items mentioned above

It should create some insights and perspectives that help many Thai people.

Began to realize and saw a way to start Adjust yourself to use the money. Knowing how to manage your finances more effectively

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