June 4, 2023
What kind do you want to be “People who spend money” and “People who can’t spend money” (Money ideas)

What kind do you want to be “People who spend money” and “People who can’t spend money” (Money ideas)

People who spend money He buys expensive things after getting rich.

People can not use money Buying only expensive things while not getting rich

People use money to build, but where the business goes, there is a branch, there is a store itself, where it turns, but income.

People do not use money to create a debt. Wherever you turn, there are only creditors with the same income but more expenditures.

I’ve been before since I knew what to do with my money.

Since I am smarter than money I will be comfortable if I am 45-50, do not sit.

Work hard, have other people point their fingers at work. I do it often.

I used to have enough money to reverse the car of my dreams, but I didn’t.

The poor person is having the money once and for all to buy things that he can afford first.

I don’t believe it, I noticed myself, I got a bonus of 50,000.

Eat, travel, buy a watch that you like 30,000, then what?

How many years has life been like this? How many years have I woken up to others to point their fingers?

At the end of the year, it is the same again. I have been working all year. Tired.

Buy good things, eat good, reward yourself for a little life, get a bonus this year.

A lot of 6 thousand, buy a new phone. 25,000 people to celebrate 20,000

Change the car another 18,000 tons of money every year do this.

After 10 years, we sit and eat with friends.

People ask each other, why are we so poor? Working for a long time, not getting rich, now I know why I’m not rich.

You never open your mind

Never open yourself to opportunities and that’s important.

Sit and wait but the opportunity Why not create opportunities for yourself? Why don’t you wait for others?

In the past, I was.

Tired of working all month, I would like to reward some life, eat expensive.

Buy everything you want, get a good food stand.

Not until the 10th day of the month and the salary has been exhausted.

I run out of money, eat some money, borrow some friends, borrow him and eat some.

Where are these 1,800 pants, can we bring them to eat ??

2,000 shoes per pair, will you eat to fill your stomach or not?

Full of expensive meals for the whole month? Most people in society understand the word Wrong life reward

Not really rich. Don’t do it like this. I used to be before.

How many years, until then, until again, until again, because Salary comes out It claims like a month

I have been tired all month ago. Give yourself some reward for life

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