June 8, 2023
“Ordinary people” and “rich” minds are very different .. The truth is indisputable

“Ordinary people” and “rich” minds are very different .. The truth is indisputable

Do you know how rich people think, how they live differently from ordinary people, and why they get rich? Some people are satisfied with little and can be happy. But some people are still not satisfied.

Some of them are heavy, but they are used a lot. Like this, I can tell the way to get rich almost none. But the satisfaction with the property has been eliminated first. If inquiring about someone who would be rich, believe that many people would barely raise their hands. Now try to ask back to you,

When you don’t know the funnel, what are your views on earning money, or how do you view spending money? If the answer is, spend it on days and months, oh well. K. This article may not answer the question. But if you are someone who does not like the cone, you need to start by changing your mind. Part will change How do we go see it?

  1. People live a life with ease that But the rich give in to trouble first and then get comfortable later.

People tend to think that It’s easy to get a monthly salary without risking anything. And it’s easy to work for someone as you would normally do. People interpret the word “comfortable” meaning just to have fun, but will be different from the rich. bit

In fact, the wealthy knows that extraordinary things (great income) often happen in situations where it is not easy or comfortable, so starting to own a business is very risky. And the risk makes many things not easy, but the risks make you rich and successful, if the cones might have dared to come out of that comfort zone. And look at the options you have available.

Maybe at the beginning there must be some difficulty. Which if you still do If you are going to be rich, you have to be patient. Even though you might have to fall But that’s good. Because if you never fall You will never know for sure how hard it is to get your money.

  1. People spend more than they do. Rich people spend like poor people.

Rich people never spend their money on things that don’t make them earn any more. They will only pay for assets that will increase in value in the future. Do you believe that the rich are very frugal? They rarely buy brand name items. (Some millionaires still use their mobile phones to fall on the ground and the floor is broken

Because the rich know that losing money on things that do not generate income As the days go by, they’ll make them down and down, even if they have the money to buy them Remember, if you have 1 million baht per year and you spend all 1 million baht, you will never get rich. Rich people think of the difference that people make. Not equal

  1. People work for other people’s companies to flourish, but rich people have their own companies and work hard to grow their companies.

People today work hard for others. They didn’t think much. Just needing to have a job The rich are more likely to be their own boss. Rich people hire ordinary people to work hard to grow their companies (use the living). Rich people do not hire smart people to work for them so they can get richer.

When the business is in place and the company is full of great people, money starts to flow. Where the company owner rarely has to do anything This is the true power of the Passive In come. The cone has to start thinking about being your own boss now. Can you think about it today that you are working hard to make others get rich?

  1. People are dating people who do not choose. But rich people choose only those who can benefit them in the future.

Rich people believe that only successful people are around them. Themselves Including the business that they do will be successful as well (a business partner Get new ideas in doing business) Likewise, if you are surrounded by people who are not successful at all.

You will not succeed either. Your income is equal to the average income of three of your best friends, so if you don’t have more than the average of three friends, just go out and meet successful people and you will get a lot from them. Definitely more than before

  1. People pay a salary. Rich people work to learn what they do not yet know.

People often change jobs for money reasons. Where to give more money, they resign to do it. Unlike the wealthy, their work doesn’t think of money first. But they’ll think about developing the skills and abilities that will make them rich first.

For example, if they are not aware of the sale They will then apply to be a cell. Or if they do Do not know about accounting They then go to apply to be bank employees.

To acquire knowledge and specialized skills and apply them to their own business. So, if you don’t like the cone, you should work to increase your skills in other areas. Prepare to become a millionaire in the future. Rich people think of the difference that people are not equal.

  1. People have objects, rich people have money.

The average person was proud to have a new car. There is a big house But the rich believe that you can be wealthy and stable. You must have a thirst If you are still spending more money on things, your money will not be left.

Look at Rain Buffett, he still lives in the same house he bought since 1958 for just $ 31,500 (a million baht), and he has more than 2 trillion baht. (More than a full year budget, some countries) stop shopping and start looking for ways to save money or invest money. Or if you are a shopping fanatic

Try shopping for things or anything that will make your money grow.

  1. People tend to focus on saving. Rich people pay more attention to income.

Saving is important But investment may even be more important. But if you do not have income Or have income but not enough You may not be able to do both.

So you have to earn more money than you already are, where rich people try to have a great way to make more money. If you’re not a rich person, make a lot of money and invest. You can do whatever you want, give non-stop extra money Even if you’re rich, don’t stop (you have to earn money in good faith too)

  1. People see what they get and hurriedly pounce on it. But the rich think critically Thoroughly before making a decision.

When people do not If you get anything, you can buy it. Sometimes they buy at a very high price, but when they sell it they sell very cheaply. Using emotion in making money decisions can ruin your financial stability, explains Waren Buffett, that when investing, there is one important thing to focus on: greed control.

Which is more necessary than just worrying about money Emotional matters are things that get people to buy high prices for things or stocks but sell them for a low price. Therefore, emotions are very dangerous to do business.

Therefore, do not use emotions in matters of money and turn to more reason. Rich people think carefully. People think of the differences that make people unequal.

  1. People often look down on their own abilities. But the rich have great life goals.

Setting life goals is also one of the different factors. Mu common people and rich people. People tend to set simple goals without taking any risks. Or, set short-term goals only. Rich people tend to target goals that people think are impossible or too extreme, but only the rich. Only (and who are going to be rich) know that it will be successful.

Of course, it will only give positive feedback if it is planned from the right mindset. Whenever you set a goal Ask yourself if it could be a bigger goal, for example if you would have a clothing store. Ask yourself There will be a clothing store that extends Can I move around the country? Or ask yourself if we can really do this or do more? Believe it, it will be the driving force. Good for you

  1. People believe in working hard. But the rich believe in labor.

Have you ever heard that Smart people are in the wrong place However, I will never be rich. People believe that working hard (Use only force Following the same old pattern) will make them richer in the future, when in reality it’s not. If you do the same hard work for the next 10 years, 20 years, you just have to increase your salary Well, maybe you can get a promotion which will accidentally put you on an additional burden.

In this regard, common people and rich people have different beliefs. Absolutely, the rich have the power-saving tools rather than the hard work alone, as if they are good at planning them. He will only plan on what he will have to do: account, customer care, investment, product distribution.

They just use the money to hire great talent to take care of and manage them, giving them high salaries to motivate them. Many people think that expensive hires could ruin the company in the future. Every company has its own salary cap. The owners of the company, he thought that if hiring a national investment hand. Work for a price of one hundred thousand baht per month and the ability of this hand 1 person makes his company earn more than a million percent of the month.

It can be said that there is no way rich people are at a disadvantage in business, so think again if the cone! Adjust your perspective so that you don’t work as hard as you are, and there are no different destinations between people. And there are many rich people. Not only about money and money, in terms of ways of thinking are different. I can tell that people do The cone must always have a progressive concept and will not stop to develop itself. Including life

If we live a humble life We will be richer because of the less expenses. At the same time, it is constantly looking for more ways to make a living The main idea is basic, simple but gives big meaning. This is enough to make your life better. And the truth One thing is if you want to be rich. You have to think the way the rich think and act the way the rich do.

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