June 8, 2023

Know before you get old “Truth about money” will not be difficult in the end of life

Some people in need struggle with an income that is almost insufficient with the expenditure. But some people can buy their own houses. Open a business within the age of 30

Therefore, we should turn to and review a little bit. How do you plan your finances? Where should we improve?

So as not to be in a serious financial crisis.

  1. Do not be embarrassed when asking for position adjustments.

If you’ve worked in the same position for 3 years, it’s time to make some progress.

It is an ideal step to improve the financial situation.

That is why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for a promotion. D increased salary during the same period

  1. Start saving for some time to get old

Today you may feel that you are not very old. But it won’t be long before Will reach retirement age

And so as not to become a underdog Should start saving already, for example, collecting 20 baht per day, 50 baht

It is a good way to save. At that time We will have money to spend. It is not a burden to anyone.

  1. Make your own food at home

So many people like to eat in cafes and restaurants.

Because of the mischief of cooking by yourself, perhaps you might think Eating Outside the house is not expensive.

If the calculations look good, you will find that cooking at home is delicious. And much cheaper

  1. Do not borrow to pay off old debt.

Most people tend to borrow from over and over to this account.

This is a crazy cycle, it would be great. If you stop building debt and save a lot of money.

Reduce unnecessary expenses To repay the loan Without having to borrow

  1. Do not invest in what you study. It is not good enough.

Even if you want to create Get rich quickly, but I don’t forget that you have to be conscious. Find financial information Carefully

Therefore, it is better to consult with an expert first to increase your chances of success.

  1. Expenses of children are very expensive.

Including the waiver, diaper fees, clothing fees, studying until the end of a bachelor’s degree again And many more and that

That’s why you should talk to your husband. In terms of long-term financial planning Because it helps to build a good foundation.

For your own family For the benefit of your family

  1. Invest in the health of education for yourself.

It’s tough to be successful if you’re not strong enough, that’s why. More importantly, you will have to take care of yourself.

Having a vacation, we are looking forward to a good rest. Another meal for health

Is a good education It will bring us opportunities for advancement and provide stability for life. So we should always learn new things.

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