June 8, 2023
Collect the first hundred thousand with 9 ways. There are hundreds of thousands that many people tend to overlook

Collect the first hundred thousand with 9 ways. There are hundreds of thousands that many people tend to overlook

Many people tend to have problems. Using the monthly salary is harder than that, which is less than a month’s use.

That is because there is no planning. How much is a good financial? I use it all, not the rest. When done often, it becomes a habit.

And became a non-cashier today We’ll take a look at some tips. To help you save money, what will you do? How do you go and see?

  1. Drop the jar every day This is the easiest way to start saving. And also a starting point To create a habit of saving for themselves as well, for children who have not yet earned their own income. I do not have a certain income.

Then use a deduction for dessert To drop the jar every day for 10-20 baht a day according to ability. For people working Have their own income and then deduct 10-30% of their salary

For saving that must be I have a lot of money to save in 1 year for sure.

  1. Share money for days, time, salary. When you see a lot of money, you don’t want to reward yourself by eating deliciously expensive food or buying something you can afford to reward yourself for working all month long.

But doing this Will make Spend enough money over a month, we recommend that when the salary Issued for you to withdraw money to share each day to put in a zip bag for days until 30 days part of the money To share and pay the burden That has to be paid every month Setting up house, electricity bill, telephone bill The rest is to be kept in a savings account that does not have to be withdrawn, if the remaining money from the daily share is left to drop the jar again

Guarantee that you will have a lot of money left unaware of it.

  1. Wrapped rice to eat by yourself. For children who are still in school, it may be for mothers. Cook it and wrap it up and eat it at school during the day.

For working people Then wake up a little early to prepare food for going Eat at work. How to cook your own meals can save money.

More than going to buy from the outside, eating already a month, paying for lunch is not a small amount, if we reduce this cost Yes, there will be more savings

  1. Focus on drinking water Plain water is cheaper than sweetened beverages such as tea, coffee, or soft drinks. If we habitually drink plain water, we will not lose weight. If you will drink sweetened water frequently

In addition to helping us save more money, plain water is more beneficial to the body than drinking sweetened water. On a regular basis, too.

  1. Reduce Internet expenses or use the public W i f i better. The path to becoming a millionaire You have to start from making the most of your money. Nowadays, technology is very advanced.

Causing us to have additional expenses such as internet, telephone bills, but some people use Not worth the money lost, so try to find a promotion. That is most suitable for our use in order to get the lowest price

Or anyone who has not suffered from using the internet It may be used as a public W i f i will save us from spending this part saving hundreds of them each month.

  1. Buy only the things that you really need and need, and shopping is not wrong. If we have a lot of money left Enough to go shopping or maybe need to buy it for real use, it doesn’t matter

But having to go shopping, buy bags, shoes, clothes, miscellaneous goods Every month or every time To see the discount label It would not be good to do If you are a millionaire, you must know how to collect.

And know how to spend money, we don’t need to buy things that are not Can be done within a month

  1. No party For the party line, you might not have to quit permanently, but reduce the number. From time to time, select only important events such as

Friend’s birthday party or event Congratulations sometimes, but should not be more than twice a month because of this kind of party. It will be very costly and it is also something that will give your life long term.

But for anyone who does not like this style There would be no problem And still have money saved Easier as well

  1. Find extra income from many channels. In addition to saving Another important thing is to earn more money. One thing would be rich slowly.

But if you can earn more income Will shorten the time a lot, maybe find things to sell at the flea market on holidays

Or get freelance work That can be done After work

  1. Know how to invest and make money grow. That said, the first step to being rich is saving. But the next step must be known to invest as an investment There are many types of high-low risks that vary according to compensation.

The greater the risk, the greater the chance, but if the least, there is a lower chance of return. Every investment carries risks, so we need to study carefully first every time.

But if anyone who has a large amount of cold money is not in a hurry What did you take to spin it? We advise you to buy a cash deposit in addition to getting a good compensation. Than the normal money deposit, there is also a chance to win big awards if luck is good. It may be. You can be a millionaire.

The tips I mentioned This is just a guide to help you see where you can start saving money. But in all respects It’s up to your mind

And the use of money that you will be strong Enough not to pamper yourself? Who has Good financial plan Always has an advantage

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