June 8, 2023

Aew wants you to remember There are only 4 tips for rich people

Have you ever noticed that Chinese people come like a pillow-shaped mat? Come to live in our house Since the ancestor’s period Because he has a secret

That is passed down from generation to generation It is a teaching that is more valuable than an inheritance passed down through many ages. There was a billionaire rich magnate before he left.

Left an inheritance for only his son and wrote a will to share the secret of success

“A Tee … Aew wants you to follow Aew ordered”

“There are only 4 secrets of getting rich.”

  1. Do not go to work.
  2. Eat well.
  3. The account does not have to do.
  4. Go home cool.

When A Tee opened it and read the will, he was puzzled and wondered how to do this. Then is it really good? But did follow in a confusing way

2 years later

Billions of treasures have been lost, but Lua Tee ignites the incense to continue that Tia.

“Tia, I did as Tia tells everything, and why is it so poor that Tia makes me insolvent?”

That night, the magnate hurriedly responded.

“Oh yeah, you totally misunderstand. Listen carefully to Aew “

Go to work, do not get in the sun

Aaw means the sun has not yet risen You have to go to work before the employees.

Will come to work for him so that he can see and take a role model Subordinates will follow our way.

Not as we ordered, do you understand? Lue went to work in the evening. Chikhi, his subordinates also Ploy too lazy.

Eat delicious food

Aaw means not hungry, don’t eat so hungry and then eat. Any food What to eat, it will all be delicious.

Because of hunger, not letting you go to the mall buffet every day, even if you eat like this

When we are full, we go and eat like this. Work tiring until very hungry, then eat.

No account required.

Aaw means to trade only with cash

Do not sell money to believe it. No accounting required Not selling, believe and not making an account Like this, it only has Tung and Jung.

Come home late

Aaw means waiting for all employees to return first So that we can examine it carefully That the subordinates are doing anything left behind? Turn off the lights, shut down the water, shut the door completely or not

Be careful not to let you go back late every day like this.

Ah Tee Lue, let’s go get some new money.

When finished reading, we might view it as a funny, humorous story.

But if you try to look carefully, it is hidden with a thought And the principles of life of many magnates

Whether to work hard Start work first, go back later Or acting as a good role model for his subordinates hopefully

What kind of thoughtful stories and insights can help you to think about it? Some people with whom he accomplishes things sometimes

He might even know a great secret like this one that this magnate taught.

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